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However, only the artists know the intentions that lie behind these choices. Since they are dead, we will never know but can guess.


These artists seem almost the equivalent of psychologists in that rather than telling us what is important, they depict it through the use of geometry, color, light, contour lines, and the placement of figures, and they devise many ways for our eyes to be guided to a single place, the Madonna and the child. Some questions remain.

Anthony has completely shed the fat of his childhood. He has lost his “man-boobs”, as he calls them, and his stomach is flat. They only part of his body that remains plump is his thighs. He states that if it weren’t for his thighs, he would be a taller man today.


Introspection – systematic examination of subjective mental experiences that required people to inspect and report on the content of their thoughts, such as describing the ‘blueness’ of the sky


This is the first time that I see that baby Jesus is clothed: the nuns asked that both Jesus and John be clothed.

They touch each other, and the wild branch receives the rich life-juice of the cultivated tree, that is, it eats, absorbs, and receives the riches of the cultivated tree. All the riches of the cultivated tree are digested and assimilated by the grafted branch. The wild branch retains the rich juice, and the rich juice eventually becomes the very grafted branch.

Laura’s desire for the Indian baby suggests her inability to recognize Indians as equals.


The angels are very small, implying that they are higher and farther away. The figures that seem closest to us are the Saints, which are good humans and thus given the title of Saint.