Bwog contributor Ashley Nin took some time to compile the favorite jokes of a few professors. Hey, they’re not paid for their senses of humor…

James Crapotta, Department of Spanish and Latin American Cultures, Barnard

A Mexican crosses the border to Texas, hoping to purchase a pair of socks.  He goes into the first store that he sees, walks straight up to the storekeeper and says, “Señor, quiero calcetines.” The storekeeper replies, “I’m sorry. I don’t understand Spanish.” The Mexican only repeats, “Señor, quiero calcetines.” “Ok, I’ll point to different things ans you tell me if it’s what you want.” He first picks up a jacket. “Is this what you want?” he asks the Mexican. “No, quiero calcetines!” The storekeeper then picks up a hat. “Is this what you want?” “No, no! Calcetines!” Finally, the storekeeper shows him a pair of socks. “Is this what you want?” “Eso sí que es!” The storekeeper looks at the Mexican, somewhat annoyed, and exclaims, “Why didn’t you just spell it in the first place!” 

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Paul Weinfield, Department of Religion, Columbia

Philosophers Rule.

(This joke may make more sense when paired with the similar joke “Geology Rocks” or perhaps “Math Counts.”)

Adam Cannon, Dept. of Computer Science (and winner of IvyGate’s Hot Prof Contest…)

Now, this is a true story. This baby polar bear goes up to his dad and asks, “Dad, are you a real polar bear?” His dad says, “You bet, 100% polar bear, through and through.” The kid asks, “Well, what about mom? Is she a polar bear?” The dad says, “Absolutley.” The baby bear then asks, “Well am I adopted?” The dad replies, “Of course not. Why do you ask?” The baby polar bear replies, “Because I’m freezing my ass off.” 

Alena Williams, T.A. for Department of Art History, Columbia

What did one math book say to the other math book?

I have a lot of problems!