Mallhattan Marches North

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The rumor mill is spinning with reports that upmarket grocery chain Whole Foods is set to move into a new condo development to supplant Park West Village, along Columbus Ave. from 97th to 100th Streets. New York real estate blog Curbed notes that, “because something about these Whole Foods rumors always seems to play out, we’re calling this one a done deal.” Bwog speculates that this could spell salvation for Whole Foods fans otherwise disinclined to trek down to the Columbus Circle store for fancy foodstuffs, not to mention competition for uptown mainstay Fairway and nearby newcomer Citarella. With the long-departed West Side Market set to reopen at 110th and Broadway soon, our area’s grocery store wars could be heating up again.

Meanwhile, the new luxury high-rise Fifteen Central Park West (designed, incidentally, by architect Robert A.M. Stern C’60, who also left his touch on our very own Broadway Residence Hall) will bring electronics megastore Best Buy a little closer to campus when it opens in the tower’s Broadway base. The neighborhood’s certainly come a long way ever since Meg Ryan learned, in that quintessential 90s romantic comedy, You’ve Got Mail, to stop protesting, and fall in love with chain stores- or at least their proprietors’ charming online personas.  


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  1. yea bwog  

    there's a hell of alot of competition among grocery stores. you can it in the low prices.


  2. spinach

    Don't eat the spinach! It's loaded with e-coli not-so-goodness

  3. wait  

    west side market is definitely reopening? i think thats the best news i've heard all week!

  4. McFister

    Fuck Whole Foods. Between the insanity of the 'cruelty to lobsters' thing and the high prices, I'm happy to live without it. Fairway uptown and Fresh Direct are all the supermarket I will ever need.

  5. PWV Tenant

    I live in Park West Village. And the construction is driving me insane.

  6. snerdly mortsnerd

    PWV Tenant wrote: "I live in Park West Village. And the construction is driving me insane."

    Ride a bicycle.

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