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staypuftjust walked into EC, and the security guard has a piece of paper taped on the wall above him with something along the lines of:

The ‘I’m Just That Bored’ Trivia Question of the Day: What is the full name of the marshmallow man who attacked New York City in the movie Ghostbusters?

The consensus on the bwgossip alias is: Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man.

…in related security guard news, boredom can be cured by Plato:

At the Hartley security desk…

Security Guard: “I’m a philosopher.  Philosopher.  Not a preacher.  Thank God I’m not a preacher.  No, preacher is a good job.  Actually, I’m a teacher.  A teacher without any students.”

[Hands ID to student.]

Girl: “OK. Thank you.”

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  1. Lonely post...  

    Is it actually Marshmellow or Marshmallow? Mellow as in chilled out and ready for some good times by the campfire? That would be a great piece of marketing by the Stay-Puft corporation, although it wouldn't be the first time they'd shown a penchant for quirky spelling changes.

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