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Bwoglines: B-List Edition

Congress avoids a full government shutdown and passes a last-minute budget deal that plans to cut $38 million from federal spending. While Planned Parenthood and other groups that provide abortions should go relatively unharmed, President Obama admits that “some of the cuts accepted by Democrats ‘will be painful.'” (NYT) Columbia superstar professor of mathematics and […]

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Gawker Honors Self-Portrait-Prone Hipster with its Highest Honor

Our friends at Gawker have taken a liking to one special Barnard gal, and her name is Lizzy Fraser. You might have seen her in your 20th century art class, or, failing that, probably at St. A’s.  According to the gossip site, she’s one of the “Upper Class of 2008,” specifically in the “New Edies” […]

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Journalist on Journalist Smackdown

Over at Gawker, which time and time again has displayed a curious fascination with the Good Ship Spectator, it seems there’s been a tiff between Speccie Alexandria Symonds and star of MTV’s delightfully realistic The Paper/soon-to-be NYU student Amanda Lorber. Lorber apparently took issue with Symonds’ review of The Paper published nearly two months ago […]

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CC Class Day Recap

CC Class day, though never a particularly riveting experience, was cold, blustery and, well, boring this year. The afternoon began with clear skies and salutatorian Julia Kalow, a double major in chemistry and creative writing, whose speech tended toward the latter. She told the story of a writer who informs her friends that she’s written […]

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Don’t stop the music

What WAS that last night?  Now you know.    Incidentally, Bwog loves videos. If you have original footage of Columbia life, send it on in.

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Campus now one big existential quandary

As the weather warms and the tumbleweeds jangle their way down College Walk, a question remains: what’n the hell are all these people still doing here? In what could very well turn out to be the first (or, perhaps, last) of a series, Bwog attempts to answer this question–one interloper at a time. Our first subject is non-interloper Michael, who’s […]

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Addison Anderson writes in…  just walked into EC, and the security guard has a piece of paper taped on the wall above him with something along the lines of: The ‘I’m Just That Bored’ Trivia Question of the Day: What is the full name of the marshmallow man who attacked New York City in the […]

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Computers Can’t Say “I love you”

While researching a linguistics paper on Artificial Intelligence, Bwog Correspondent Sara Maria Hasbun came across the websites for the winners of the Loebner Competition, a contest in which judges converse blindly with both humans and computer programs—the prize goes to the machine that bests simulates intelligent conversation. For her paper, Sara decided to try out […]

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