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turkeyBy now, you’re probably on your way to Tucson or Trenton, Tuscaloosa or Taiwan. Bwog is also busy this Thanksgiving, eating turkey and kvetching. So if you don’t see so much activity on the site over the next few days, that’s why.

But before we set off, we bring you a list of things we are thankful for this year, culled from Bwog staffers near and far. So, God bless us! Every one! Unless you’re an atheist, in which case, we wish you a completely Godless Thanksgiving.


Nice Asian man at Pinnacle who doesn’t sleep.

Pinnacle coffee. (extra milk and sugar)

Ham Del

second winds

The two days a week when the EC soda machines actually have soda


Free delivery

Four options for baklava within eight blocks

Cheap multipurpose fabric worn by Xavier

Gelatinous fruit slices

Extra buttons on the inside of coats

twinkle lights

Jay Orenduff

when it rains, Butler scaffolding

children on campus, playing hide-and-seek

chit-chatter in Watson library

Miss Dee, who I meet while crossing the street in front of IAB, a tiny old woman wearing oversized sunglasses and tomato-red lipstick, who says, “Remember me.”

Kent’s big windows

Jhumpa Lahiri

GS students

That second button on the inside of your pants

Commuter flights

Lerner sandwich guy

running into people in the library

Amtrak’s improbable continuing survival

warm laundry




Electric tea kettles.

Stealing from John Jay.

Getting the arc strider at Dodge (suck it, losers, suck it!).

Watching the sun rise while finishing a paper

Free leftovers at the desk in Lerner

Farmers market apples

Street fair $1 Thai food

Crazy security guards who just laugh at you when they realize you aren’t sober

Suitemates who you can shamelessly ask to hand you toilet paper when your stall is out

liberal internationalism

website redesigns


bike lanes

network printers that work

the barnard tunnel system

office hours

the custodians

a prompt express train

wireless wireless wireless

free refills



sunil gulati

john jay soft-serve

suitemates that sing jon bon jovi in a falsetto every morning at 6:00


the distant shore of new jersey


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  1. Anonymous  

    canceled classes
    empty seats in Butler
    macaroni night at John Jay
    free condoms
    Nobel prizes
    TVs in JJ's place

  2. BCC

    Barnard students for pulling down the curve

  3. tmw

    election day weekend
    24-hour mac store
    zach v.s.
    attractive faculty members
    free museum admission with cu id
    lit trees on college walk
    the times magazine
    french-speaking security guards
    a good night's sleep
    the blue and white's office... oh, wait

  4. swr

    my one good eye
    jokingly describing this color in one lowercase word, having to constrain my cleverness the second try
    the hold steady
    sachems (omg!)
    days when final draft doesn't crash
    american network tv
    camel lights
    jurassic park pinball

  5. i before e  

    except after c
    or when sounding like a
    as in neighbor or way
    or in caffeine
    or in atheist

  6. mm mm good

    so does this mean other people find jay disturbingly attractive? or just helpful and charming

  7. boredomred

    anonymity everywhere

    heated nights

    the security guard @ butler who looks and smiles at you

    adjustable heaters in the library

    cute freshmen

    headphones spilling music

    pinot noir

    kurt tucholsky and sebastian haffner

    timberland socks

    silicon based lube

    equinox mouthwash

    the people who make music below Times Square

  8. more!

    when it's raining - the raised sections of brick on college walk

    tour groups

    Butler's French Vanilla roast

    text messages

    when people actually talk to each other in the Hamilton elevator

    paper extensions

    getting packages

    miso soup

  9. and

    the colbert report

    cranberry sauce from a can, wit ridges

    ginger snaps


    hot sidewalk coffee


    edward said


    people who smoke outside butler


  10. adding more

    dinner with friends

    cancelled classes

    cozy dorm rooms

    Starbucks coffee

    rene descartes

  11. shira

    my suitemates becky and will, who woke up at 5am this morning to say goodbye, woke ME up, and ensured that I did not sleep through my flight. lots of other things, too.

  12. hungry for more

    I am actually wondering where the 4 baklava options are...

  13. corny but necessary

    not needing pets because you live with male engineers and they're just as adorable AND destructive as 5 month old puppies.

    fridays off.

    the 2/3 running express.

    stealing napkin holders from hewitt.

  14. thankful

    hot apple cider

    clean dorm room

    bronx target

    good food

    tour guiding

    good friends

    being in love

  15. 113th

    Tom's early morning breakfast prices and toasted corn muffin

    The steps

    All the campus publications

    One or two professors

    Symposium salad and sangria

    Friends not from high school or Columbia

    The roasted nuts carts

    The one train


    Shortline bus from Port Authority to Cornell.

  16. thankful for  

    the hot men in sipa

    rosalind krauss


    how empty EC is during thanksgiving

    frequent flyer miles

  17. giving thanks

    Democratic sweeps


    falling acorns with humorous trajectories

    marina abramovic

    my suitemates

  18. i have a cold

    doesnt hungarian have baklava?

  19. Columbian

    my boyfriend
    cute animals
    easy mac
    single rooms
    new york

  20. more thanks

    Aaron Sorkin


    Frederick Law Olmsted

    Chinatown buses

    the New Yorker

    anthropomorphizing stuffed creatures

    Urban Studies majors

    campus newspapers


    morning breath

  21. thankful

    for being single,

  22. merci  

    SIPA vending machines

  23. thanks!

    chris kulawik

    avi zenilman

    bill o'reilly

  24. thank you

    yes! for anticipation,

    the other person who is thankful for anticipation

    my suitemates

    those chilly nights in the city when it's absolutely quiet

    street vendors

    professors who write long comments

    british accents



    and lastly, im thankful for bwog!

  25. Thanks

    for what not to Wear marathons

    my own bathroom


    russian novels

    procrastinationat home and at school

    christmas season in NYC

    tablet pcs

  26. thanks


    comfortable socks/ sweaters/ hats

    going home and not having to do dishes

  27. thankful for

    visiting a friend


    new food

    new friends

    not talking

    heat, water, and gravity

    public radio

  28. exie  

    wandering the city

    going to the movies

    enormous bookstores

    the weekend comics

    christmas trees

    seeing family

    comfy slippers

    winter pajamas

    this entire year

  29. Anonymous

    Facebook, Bwog, Youtube and B@B for been my way of procastinating!

  30. tuscan?  

    no. it's tuscon.

  31. Thankful for...  

    MacBooks with Intel processors

    free New York Times in Lerner

    the media who brought us a blow-by-blow of TomKat's wedding

    Anderson Cooper

    security guards who record their own music

    Mark Chatoor, the best admin ever

    Marlboro Lights

    family and friends

    pot delivery services

    Mark Foley

  32. BoFN

    Y'all are a bunch of nucking ferds...

  33. thankful still

    for everything i have yet to taste.

  34. your mama

    and anal retentive readers of bwog :)

  35. thank you

    the subway running all night

    broadway shakes

    the way the air smells at 3 am

    secret sources

    my mom when she's sober

    free pizza (free everything)

    the booksellers on broadway

    leather chairs in lerner



    warm beds

    catching up



    law & order reruns

  36. thankful for

    penis pumps
    dead babies
    dead baby jokes
    (yes, the three ARE related)

  37. thankful for

    typing the wrong color in the color box just to piss off the Error Log Gods.

  38. more thanks

    the hot chocolate in the sipa building
    mozzarella fries @ toms
    the columbia students vs minutemen extravaganza
    history teaching assistants
    not finding my writing in digitalia columbiana
    the songs employees @ coldstone sing when tipped
    darleny cepin's e-mails

  39. i second  

    america, so happy to be here

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