QuickSpec: Gender Studies Edition

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  1. Mantastic  

    Miriam's columns make me want to explode. I feel like a middle schooler could write better columns.

  2. Elna  

    Good QuickSpec today. Keep it up!

  3. hmmm  

    "While I, for one, have always known that I am straight,"

    "To me, as a straight woman,"

    "I am explicitly, absolutely, without a doubt, a straight woman."

    wait... so is miriam trying to tell us she's queer?

    • a;slkdgja;slihagw  

      what the hell?! it's like she forewent any attempt at a clear, nonrepetitive writing style because for some reason she needed us to REALLY get that she is NOT ONE BIT GAY. horrible.

  4. Elna  

    I hate Mirian D's column. Nonsensical today. As always, maybe. But WORSE then usual. Didn't she write something like this last year?

  5. rjt  

    Does anyone have a few bucks to drop on a copy of the Kinsey Reports as a present for Miriam?

  6. I think Spec  

    editors are secretly placing bets on who can write worse columns, Miriam or GS Students. Barnard vs. GS: Whoever wins, Columbia Loses.

  7. GSer  

    Yay GS! Chad Miller rocks. That was the first column by a GS student that didn't make me ashamed on behalf of my school.

    • Yay!

      Finally a column that describes GS student government!

      What could possibly be more interesting than... Chad Miller?

      And it's not like we don't already get spammed by SGA every f-ing day.

      • Ummm

        Is [the GS] column implying that those who do not assimilate into student government activities are the Borg?

        Or perhaps that the on-staff GS columnist is not representative of GS because he does not seem to attend many [shitty, sparsely attended] GS events, whereas a shill for the New GS Order is?

        • Oar

          Or that students who don't enjoy farting around with a bunch of SGA tools aren't overachievers... I mean isn't pennant-waving, over-weight, coke-bottle glasses-wearing tool precisely the sort of stereotype we GSers want to avoid?

  8. GSer2  

    Men being afraid of rats....Did miriam steal that topic from Neuro Shure-O's column last week?

  9. non GSer  

    Chad Miller does rock! And he's so cute too...

  10. sexplorations  

    i think what happened is that miriam wanted to write a queer sex column but not actually talk about queer sex. & that is the result: vague platitudes & stereotypes; endless talk about her own straightness; interviews with a couple token campus queers; voila!

  11. wow  

    isn't the hate-on miriam game getting a little bit old....

  12. it's sad  

    to see some one get picked on - but man - miriam has it coming. I guess it sucks to have to put something out every week or whatever, but damn, why would you print something like that. I think the spec editors really are taking bets (#7).

    I've never tried to write about sex, straight or otherwise, and it is prolly hard...but you'd think Spec could find someone capable.

  13. Sprinkles  

    "Manhattanville" is not archaic. Go to the post office on 125th Street - it's right there above the door. I love it when people make claims about areas they've probably never even visited.

  14. milky  

    it's a shame that the lactation room issue got shoehorned into this quickspec in the penumbra of datovsky. i think it's pretty awesome and hilarious and would have liked to see peoples' thoughts on it.

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