We’re on Fire!

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fireIt seems as if Columbia has been having a bit of trouble with Fire Safety lately.  Yesterday, two unrelated occurrences confirm that maybe we should be worried about the all-consuming wrath-fire after all.

From Bwog Tipster Addison Anderson, on yesterday’s EC fire alarm:

After the alarm from the smoke scare on the 14th floor stopped ringing, everyone went back inside.  I was walking down the hallway on 14, when I ran into a bunch of firefighters standing outside the Suite of Carelessness.  The following exchange ensued:

Firefighter (annoyed): You know, there’s a fire, and one of you kids might get hurt.

Me: So they shouldn’t have let us all back inside?

Firefighter: …No.

Me: Because that’s what they did, they said we could…

Firefighter sighs and shakes head mournfully, fed up.

Some EC residents are beginning to feel like maybe the University has it in for them.  First the non-working water heaters, then the awful elevators, and now this?  It makes you wonder…

Next, a same-day dispatch from Bwog staffer Andrew Flynn.

Today was a bad day for fire alarms. One went off in Milbank during my class with Taylor Carman, professor of Philosophy. Carman was already over-time, but he stopped to assess the situation. Unfortunately, the noise of the alarm was not loud or frequent enough to constitute a significant emergency, he told us. So, as we watched through the glass doors as others streamed out of the building, Carman raised his voice and frantically tried to continue his lecture on Bourdieu over the commotion. A few minutes into this, he stepped back and stoically declared that he was beginning to question the wisdom of our procedure.

I love this man.

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  1. elevators  

    the bad elevator situation has plagued ec from day one; it's not a recent problem. everyone in the ec tower chose to live there (and was probably delighted)...columbia didn't decide to screw them when they began to move in.

    as for water to the poor residents of wien!

  2. hey bub  

    although residents know they have to deal with two elevators, i think it's the fact that the elevators are chronically malfunctioning that's the problem, and a fixable one at that. also, wien's shittiness doesn't justify shittiness elsewhere.

  3. well  

    the milbank fire alarm sounded like a dude running through the halls blowing a kazoo. my prof at the time had someone go out to find someone from security to ask if it was, indeed, a fire alarm.

  4. another  

    fire alarm in broadway just went off

  5. clearly  

    This is God's anger that we're having so much kinky sex all the time. Ann Coulter tried to warn us, you guys!

    Although I always thought of God as doing more when He is pissed off than pulling a fire alarm.

  6. TC not TC  

    I love Taylor Carman!! That is so typical. haha. probably was in the process of writing huge german words like "horizonsvontschmelzung" on the board when it went off (oh yeah, you said bordieu. whatever)

    • Except...  

      "horizonsvontschmelzung" is gibberish, while Andrew is referring to a real person (ignoring the fact that his name is actually spelled "Bourdieu").

      Unless you're purposely making up a German word to comment on the misspelling of Bourdieu. In which case, I just wasted the last 30 seconds typing this post.

  7. Anonymous  

    Whoopsies! Fixed. We do use big German words too though. I think the German word was made up for humor.

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