LLCAlthough it probably seems like much too early in the year to begin thinking about these things, the Housing Selection season officially began today with the release of next year’s LLC Applications.  Current upperclassmen will surely remember that traditionally, admittance into the preciously named Living-Learning Center has been highly competitive.  The number of applicants  rises higher with each passing year varies from year to yearin the past, there have been about 650 for 203 available positions, although last year applications dropped to 350 (thanks to our commenters for the correction!).  Bwog wouldn’t be surprised, however, if many of this year’s potential applicants were put off by the fact that the process seems significantly more daunting than it has been in the past.  The ten page application requires an astonishing five essays—which, if we remember correctly, is more than we had to write to get into Columbia in the first place.

Nevertheless, if past years are any indication, the process should be highly entertaining to observe.  If you have any tales to tell about the lengths to which students will go to get in, or if you hear of any particularly amusing programming ideas being pitched by applicants—less “take the floor to the Met” and more “lock my suitemates into the walk-in freezer in John Jay and make them use teamwork find a way out”—we encourage you to let us know by emailing  And good luck, applicants!