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You Live, You Learn—Especially Here

LLCAlthough it probably seems like much too early in the year to begin thinking about these things, the Housing Selection season officially began today with the release of next year’s LLC Applications.  Current upperclassmen will surely remember that traditionally, admittance into the preciously named Living-Learning Center has been highly competitive.  The number of applicants  rises higher with each passing year varies from year to yearin the past, there have been about 650 for 203 available positions, although last year applications dropped to 350 (thanks to our commenters for the correction!).  Bwog wouldn’t be surprised, however, if many of this year’s potential applicants were put off by the fact that the process seems significantly more daunting than it has been in the past.  The ten page application requires an astonishing five essays—which, if we remember correctly, is more than we had to write to get into Columbia in the first place.

Nevertheless, if past years are any indication, the process should be highly entertaining to observe.  If you have any tales to tell about the lengths to which students will go to get in, or if you hear of any particularly amusing programming ideas being pitched by applicants—less “take the floor to the Met” and more “lock my suitemates into the walk-in freezer in John Jay and make them use teamwork find a way out”—we encourage you to let us know by emailing  And good luck, applicants!  

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  • FYI says:

    @FYI helfrich invited “raising” sophomores, juniors and seniors to apply. and his column in the spectator a few days ago was even more incoherent than miriams:

  • wrong bwog says:

    @wrong bwog two years ago, the llc had 650 apps.. last year (scott helfrich’s first year), they had 300 apps. if scott helfrich’s goal is to destroy the llc, he’s well on his way

  • Actually says:

    @Actually Won’t the people studious enough to want to be in the LLC also be the ones who value their finals crush grades more than five bullshit essays?

  • Cam says:

    @Cam If only, 17, if only. Five essays, in the week and a half before reading period? What the shit. I wanted to be in LLC, but not enough to deal with this on top of everything else. That’s just asinine.

    I hope they get less applications than beds to fill.

    1. I think says:

      @I think the 5 essays is a deliberate attempt to scare off most of the applicants who don’t care about the LLC so much as getting out of the lottery. Barrier- how much do you want it?

      They may have gone too fat with FIVE though…

  • assapop says:

    @assapop i was under the impression that we had done enough bullshitting (if not outright lying) about how we love learning, diversity, multiculturalism, unity, etc in our application to get into columbia, and now there was a sort of “gentlemen’s agreement” that we could laugh at all that and move on. apparently not.

  • i see the headline says:

    @i see the headline now. llc applications drop to near zero. fives essays. please.

  • Wien says:

    @Wien = Home for Wayward Children, a la “Annie”

  • Sean says:

    @Sean The shaft is not just about getting McBain.Don’t forget the “prisoners of Wien” as bwog brilliantly put it.

  • its time for says:

    @its time for the annual
    end-the-llc-and-kick-the-freshmen-out-of-furnald movement. amen.

  • Hmmm says:

    @Hmmm Haha, #5, McBain is far worse than, and here’s the caveat, the floors that have gone through a remodel. I lived in the LLC my first two years and have to say it was much better than my last two years. The end suites are just the right size and some of the rooms have great views. I’m just glad I didn’t have to go through this crap to get in!! Columbia housing wins again…

  • 3 former employees says:

    @3 former employees It only smells funny because we all tooks shits in hard-to-find places before we left.

  • LLCer says:

    @LLCer i really can’t believe helfrich planned things this poorly. he’s lucky he wasn’t fired over the summer along with the 3 in residential programs who were.

  • jawaiian says:

    @jawaiian i dont know why i even care about this since i’m graduating, but it seems unusually cruel to release the application in the middle of the pre-finals crunch and give people little more than a week to do it.

    i also feel for the RAs who have to complete recommendations for these hopefuls.

  • culater says:

    @culater Housing is really testing the lengths people will go to potentially avoid a year of McBain shaft. LLC is the sure thing – decent housing. Playing the lottery as a sophomore is a dangerous game. There’s some very, very nice housing (top floor Furnald) and then lots of eh.

  • How many essays?!?! says:

    @How many essays?!?! Requiring five essays is discrimination against SEAS students.

    1. its ok says:

      @its ok Having an entire floor designated for engineers is over representation (in a numerical sense) so yo uwin some you loose some.

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