1. ugh  

    what an aesthetic malfeasance! why does butler's beautiful historic lobby need to be marred by this sports-bar-style rubbish? to display ads for blue java and clio? and what possible excuse could there be to remove the computer consoles beneath it?

    • addendum  

      I'm glad I'm graduating...butler was warm and homely, and this makes it feel oh-so-institutional. you expect these things in the media-saturated business school, but not here.

  2. Complain  

    The library administration, in my experience, is generally receptive to student comments. Send them an email telling them to put the computers back.

    • who  

      does one contact to complain about this?

      also, why does columbia privilege the display of useless info on $3000 flatscreen tvs over more pressing needs (financial aid? fixing the crumbling ceilings of our dorm rooms? etc)

  3. generally  

    the tvs are donated by companies in exchange for ad time

    • that is  

      even more ridiculous. the tvs have no tangible benefit for university life or any other goal of the administration, and providing free video ad space to companies is tantamount to inviting times square to campus.

  4. i think  

    you all are ignoring the real culprit here... the evil leftist jihad anti-computer terminal wacko GENDER STUDIES DATABASE!!!

  5. complained  

    done; I hope others do the same.

  6. gp2115

    Commenter #2, I believe you mean "homey," or at least, I hope you do.

  7. Old Man Winter

    You ungrateful kids! I remember the days when we had to buy a newspaper or turn on the TV in order to know what to buy.

  8. Anonymous

    i think we're forgetting the main point, which is, those computers were useful.

  9. Now  

    why can't they stick these flatscreen TVs in the dorm lounges... (like our neighbor to the west, Stanford)

  10. ...

    $10 to the first SEAS kid that figures out how to put hardcore porn on there.

  11. MUDD  

    The TVs in Mudd lobby were installed w/o taking away the computers. I dont' understand why they cant do the samething in butler

  12. because  

    for engineers, more technology, whatever the effect, is automatically good. the thought in butler was probably along the lines of simplicity = elegance. lamentably, though, a flatscreen blaring ads is the antithesis of elegance.

  13. anyone else  

    who pay attention the flatscreen messages? One of the screens reads,

    [you + library = good]

    I kid you not.

  14. UPDATE  

    the library people replied to my complaints. nothing about the tv screen, but the computers are being reinstalled today.

  15. note  

    If you follow bwog's link to email the library, the library will know you came from bwog as their comment form captures your "referral" page. Might diminish the power of our individual voices...

  16. i wish  

    i'd gone to another college!!!

  17. i wish...  

    people found something else to get worked up about!!

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