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miss cleoAah, reading week–that grey area between class and finals, when you know you should be studying but really probably aren’t.  Looking for ways to pep it up?  Bwog is here, in the form of a Seth Flaxman e-mail, to help.

1. Watch movies! (Prep for Sundance)

According to the Columbia University homepage, An unprecedented five feature films and nine short films by Columbia University students and alumni will screen at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, which will take place in Utah from January 18 to 28.  That’s fourteen!  Oh em geee!  We are so cool.  For reals.

2. Have your fortune told! (Transfer to Barnard)

lkjStop by upper level Mac today on Barnard’s campus to participate in the festivities of “Ye Olde Stress Free Day,” going on until 4 PM.  Rumor has it there’s free food, a magician, face painting, crown making (because we are all Columbia Royalty!) and, Bwog’s favorite, a tarot card reader.  Just don’t ask whether or not you’re going to pass your exams.  

3. Give in to your desires! (Lead me not into temptation)

Bwog covered this a few months ago, but Sunday’s New York Times Magazine picked up the story as well: a couple of researchers at Columbia Business School have recently come out with a study stating that when all is said and done, people who give in to day-to-day vices end up happier than those who don’t.  In the words of Professor Ran Kivetz, the man behind the study, Bwog has found a new mantra: “Guilt is quick to rise, and quick to fall.”

Thanks to Chris Szabla, Avishai Gebler, and Owain Evans for the tips.

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    of seth's last email was priceless.

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    please don't ever phonetically write out O-M-G again. ever.

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