Ashley Nin brings us this dispatch of a santa sighting like never before:

3:15pm – Waiting for the 1 train at Columbus Circle.

3:17pm – About a dozen policemen walk up whispering fervently into their walkie-talkies.

3:20pm – 1 train finally arrives. Each car is packed with people donning Santa Claus costumes. Train is too packed; I don’t get on.

3:22pm – Another 1 train arrives with fewer Santas. I get on and mingle with a group of them. They were hesitant as to explain themselves, but I was able to convince one to give me the scoop: There is a moving Santa Convention happening today in the city. The main group of Santas was on the full train; the guys I spoke to were just trying to catch up. They all exited at the 66th street exit and moved on to their next meeting place.

Though I cannot write this with complete certainty, I am pretty sure that most of them did not study here.

More photos after the jump.