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voterWe don’t do it for the glory, but it is nice to get some recognition once in a while (even if it is from another blog). US News and World Report’s higher education page, The Paper Trail, is running a reader poll of the year’s campus news, and we’re up there for Best Alternative Media Outlet. So, go check out the offerings, and vote your college-educated hearts out. The faster our numbers go up, the less we’ll have to self-servingly bug you about it.

Just please don’t let us get beat by Wesleyan.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

– Whoa! She almost made it—Esther Reed that is, who was attending GS under the name of a missing woman, Brooke Henson. The tale of her undoing, which the New York Post is following with all the salacious zeal of, well, the New York Post, would make a good story for your dinner at Aunt Clara’s tonight.

By the way, Columbia isn’t being obstructionist, as the article not-so-subtly claims. There really is a law that prevents them from giving people your personal information, so you can sleep soundly again.

– Your second crack at registration probably begins today, and our magical webmaster Zach “the Man” van Schouwen has whipped up a handy Firefox plug-in that will help you search CULPA that much easier.  Don’t wonder how he did it, just use.

– File this under all the reasons you’re glad you didn’t go to Penn.

– If you’re not one of the 513 + people who’ve already been invited to join, the late Dogears has been supplanted…by a facebook group. Next to go, Craigslist?

BW staffer Paul Barndt spotted Professor David Sidorsky, currently Columbia’s longest-serving member of the philosophy faculty, at Dreamgirls.


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  1. also

    there's a website, booksoncampus.com, where you can exchange books either locally (at Columbia) or get them shipped.

  2. alum

    facebook link goes to the wrong page

  3. Anonymous

    Sidorsky is the wackiest professor i've ever had. Actually I had him twice, maybe it was because it was amusing to observe his craziness.

  4. bln

    Hi, I voted you for the best alternative media--and--I'm not a student

  5. GS

    While we are proud of our pseudo-criminal ilk (like Hunter S. Thompson), Esther went to GSAS not GS, according to the Post article.

  6. Oops

    I stand corrected, she did indeed attend GS and not GSAS according to the second article.

  7. ortalan

    vote, you goddamn degenerates

  8. no one mentioned

    but that firefox plugin is probably the best thing since Courseworks went on my bookmarks toolbar.

  9. Wesleying

    Honestly, I'll be happy just to have Harvard NOT win.

  10. maven

    you know, wesleyan's is pretty funny. You should post more links to good YouTube selections. Wish I'd known about wesleying while procrastinating for finals.

  11. E30

    This "bwog" is actually terrible and unfunny.

  12. duhh

    yes. Wesleyan is a sweet school. I applied there

  13. yuck wesleyan

    how do you even PRONOUNCE wesleying? grossssss. well their chunk of pie is more than twice as big as ours. VOTE

  14. and

    our tally continues to shrink. why isn't our gargantuan student body (and probably proportional readership) squishing cushy liberal arts coven wesleyan?

    • Ishuku

      Believe me, I'm just as surprised. I think things will even out once school is back in session (We only get about half our usual readership during breaks, and I assume it's the same for y'all)


  15. Joe John

    It's going down. And not the fun way.

    Fight for ol' Wesleyan, never give in. Yeah, I said it.

    • beh

      wesleyan may crush us, but they will do it at the expense of their character. enjoy marching in lockstep to school spirit, hippies.

      • Fightin' Card

        Oh crap, they've got us there.

        If its any consolation, Bwog, we're not that competitive. Hell, we even fight "til victory crowns everyone" - so when you are overwhelmingly outvoted in this poll, you'll still be a winner in our eyes. Losers.

  16. awww

    poor vanderbilt, hahaha

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