voterWe don’t do it for the glory, but it is nice to get some recognition once in a while (even if it is from another blog). US News and World Report’s higher education page, The Paper Trail, is running a reader poll of the year’s campus news, and we’re up there for Best Alternative Media Outlet. So, go check out the offerings, and vote your college-educated hearts out. The faster our numbers go up, the less we’ll have to self-servingly bug you about it.

Just please don’t let us get beat by Wesleyan.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

– Whoa! She almost made it—Esther Reed that is, who was attending GS under the name of a missing woman, Brooke Henson. The tale of her undoing, which the New York Post is following with all the salacious zeal of, well, the New York Post, would make a good story for your dinner at Aunt Clara’s tonight.

By the way, Columbia isn’t being obstructionist, as the article not-so-subtly claims. There really is a law that prevents them from giving people your personal information, so you can sleep soundly again.

– Your second crack at registration probably begins today, and our magical webmaster Zach “the Man” van Schouwen has whipped up a handy Firefox plug-in that will help you search CULPA that much easier.  Don’t wonder how he did it, just use.

– File this under all the reasons you’re glad you didn’t go to Penn.

– If you’re not one of the 513 + people who’ve already been invited to join, the late Dogears has been supplanted…by a facebook group. Next to go, Craigslist?

BW staffer Paul Barndt spotted Professor David Sidorsky, currently Columbia’s longest-serving member of the philosophy faculty, at Dreamgirls.