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  1. i like

    alex jung's column!

    tho that quote is kind of funny, yes :)

    • Hmmm

      Yeah, it was snappy but do we really need to be banged over the head with how tough life was as a XXX in XXX for the trillionth time?

      Jung'a life can't have been that bad (I mean he's at CU), and Tampa Bay has a really active alternative community. And clearly he has self-esteem to spare. And, who exactly, accused him of being a banana? Isn't that a capital offense on campus

  2. o'reilly column  

    it's surprising that someone complains about colbert not being an objective reporter and how he makes jokes during his interviews and the show is all about him. his name is in the show, so obviously it's all about him. o'reilly certainly doesn't do his show for the sake of others, it's all about him. comedy central is not the place to go for high-class interviews with objective reporting. it's for comedy (hence the name)

  3. pass fail  

    so... in all honesty.. wont people just start p/d/fing every course they take and then deciding later which ones to uncover?

    • X.J.  

      No. [In my experience as a CC student] Any class that you take for your major or the core must be taken for a letter grade, and you only get to P/F one course per semester.

      Also, I'm pretty pissed about this D thing. Maybe grade inflation will make that a rare occurrence in most classes, but the only time I ever used pass/fail was when I was sitting at the bottom of the curve in a Calc II class after the first test.

      I feel like the student council members who advocated for this new option sold us out by accepting the D thing. I think I would've preferred to keep the old policy.

  4. I'm sorry  

    but alex jung's column is ridiculous to the point of being funny. maybe i'm just another coconut.

    Why shouldn't we be "white on the inside"? Below that most of us have some identity. By integrating with the society one can have a greater impact than sitting at the corner yelling at the establishment "you're making us lose our identity!"

    Here's another question: what would you have us do to regain our identity and purge ourselves of the title "sellouts"? Require another major cultures course? Perhaps insist SEAS adopts a major cultures core too?

    By all means, examine your identity but dont insist that other people examine your identity either. Just because we have a core that studies Dead White European Men does not mean we've lost our identity.

    Uber-asians and FOBs shouldn't judge how the rest of us live our lives.

    • hmm  

      Alex Jung... anyone remember that column where he claimed that white dudes refuse to date hispanic guys like all the time and then later bemoaned the fact that nobody seemed to understand why his hispanic friend only wanted to date hispanics? Umm, yeah.

    • Anonymous  

      Alex didn't ask anyone to analyze anyone else's identity, but simply insists that the way to a more identity concious world is through everyone analyzing their own identities.

      That should be a truism, but I suppose identity conciousness and understanding hasn't progressed to the point where it can be assumed to be as such.

      What you should be debating is the merit of identity conciousness. Is it only through the structure of self and society established constructs that humanity can know and understand itself? Or is there merit to exploring a definition of the self with no reliance on association or "othering"?

      I don't know, but I feel that's where the conversation should be. Anything short of that sounds like counter-PC reactionism (in my humble opinion).

  5. Op-ed expanding

    Is it just me or has the Spec's op-ed section ballooned this semester?

  6. shameless,  

    but needs to be linked. what happened to QuickEye?!

  7. this disgusts me  

    This is in the humor section of the eye? What? Who thinks this is funny?

  8. wow...  

    That humor section is morally preprehensible...

  9. alex jung  

    i dont even know where to start on the context of this piece so ill move on to say that he needs to take some grammer classes before he can become a writer.. asian.. gay.. white whatever

  10. The quality  

    of the Spec opinion page has steadily gone downhill ever since the massive lurch to the left under Datskovsky in spring 2006.

  11. Identity

    Sounds like someone just learned about 'identity' in his humanities core

  12. whole-heartedly  

    agree. but is it ever?

  13. that  

    article on Colbert was total bunk. O'Reilly clearly got pwned. He even got destroyed on his own show.

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