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ctv semester, new season of CTV. Same hosts; same production values (note the dropped audio in the first few seconds of the show); thankfully, same opening sequence, featuring a CTV correspondent stepping out from behind the Butler stacks. Pure gold – and we’re only being half sarcastic.

Notable stories on the first episode included:

Now we can finally take that Anthropology course!

All we need is for Obama to admit he went to Columbia…

Better than Ferris Booth, even if you can’t use Flex.

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  1. they should

    give that John Downie his own show. they should call it "past presidential primaries: the three I was conscious for"

  2. ...

    that girl hasn't been on ctv news in over a year.

  3. please explain...  

    What caused Barack Obama to be spooning his luggage on his first night at Columbia, in an alleyway "similar to this one..."?

  4. fasf  

    full swing full swing full swing full swing

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