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  1. Anonymous  

    "Laughing as a evolutionary relic" links to the second page of "Tickle-Me-Neuro."

    (This may be intentional, I just thought I'd gesticulate a little bit about something nobody really cares about. I think it's that time of the day.)

  2. gah-hah-hah  

    "Due to an editing error, the print version of this article incorrectly refers to Saifedean Ammous as a female."


  3. hahahah  

    I absolutely LOVE how Ammous goes from female to male (and back again!) at least two distinct times. Aside from the clear facts laid out in the piece, there is hardly a better way to discredit another person than to repeatedly and matter-of-factly question their gender.

  4. cool harlem video

    between that and the great article about rezoning (as well as the smaller stuff), the city coverage this semester has been terrific.

  5. Jimbo  

    That piece on Israel is so incredibly moronic. As an Israel supporter I feel ashamed that this freshman is the best that Columbia could muster to answer that article.

    He just says that Israel does the occupation because it has to; and that the Israelis care about Palestinians. Therefore it is wrong to criticize Israel. Genius.

    With friends like these, Israel doesn't need any critics.

  6. jjjiiee  

    Not to mention, he reduces the occupation to humiliation and inconvenience with all the flippancy of discussing mundane crap. Oh fie oh fie! How humiliating having no rights is! How inconvenient! That is SO last season. I could just die if seen like this.

  7. yes  

    magnificent Harlem interviews/photography in that video.

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