sdfOn Thursday, Harvard released its 50-year plan for expansion in the Allston neighbourhood (think Manhattanville, except 341 acres instead of 17, Boston instead of New York, and more parking lots than people). It’s long, like 72 pages (even Penn kept theirs to 32!), and Bwog didn’t read the whole thing, but if we were Harvard alums with lots and lots of money, we’d probably give serious thought to sending it Allston’s way.

Why? They’ve got everything planned out to the last street sign, and want all their buildings to be built to LEEDs Gold standard (Columbia hasn’t committed to any LEEDs certifications), and think they can generate 15-20 startup businesses per year. Although it also helps to have about $25 billion on hand to make sure the thing gets finished. But really, we don’t know, because all we can find is pro-Harvard propaganda (OK, and the Crimson).  They’re at a ten-year disadvantage, but maybe the folks up in Low should be taking lessons from their homies in Cambridge anyway.

Also! We knew Barack hated Columbia, but we didn’t know he was such a buzzkill as well.

Also! Have you noticed that the Morton Williams receipts still have “Welcome to the Class of 2008” printed at the bottom? I mean, juniors are great, but ’10 probably would appreciate the open arms a bit more…

Also! The Current wants YOU!

Finally! The Columbia University Model United Nations Conference and Exposition (a.k.a. CMUNCE, a.k.a. seamonkey) is underway, which means there are hordes of coiffed high schoolers running around. Be nice to them, maybe they’ll give you food.