Once again – it’s time for last chance arts. After this weekend, these things will be gone forever, so take advantage while you still can! (Is it appropriate to apply the expression “carpe diem” to a Renee Zellweger movie?)

1.  Miss Potter closes at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square this weekend to make room for the re-release of The Departed. Martin Scorsese’s movie may have gunplay, mob intrigue, and a potty-mouthed Marky Mark, but does it have Beatrix Potter? I, for one, have absolutely no recollection of Potter’s stories, but apparently they were good clean fun. $11 worth of fun? You decide. Notable for: shafting Kate Winslet by casting a Texan woman as a British cultural icon – yet again.

2.  The Good German ends its run at the Paris Theatre (West 58th Street) on Thursday, when Breaking and Entering (Jude Law! Juliette Binoche! No hype whatsoever!) opens. If you love black-and-white movies and old-Hollywood glamour – and Casablanca isn’t in stock at

// –> Butler Media – you might as well see Cate Blanchett and George Clooney romp through post-war Berlin. Notable for: Tobey Maguire as another man with a hidden dark side. (This is only notable for those who have yet to see the Spider-Man 3 trailer.)

3.  Restaurant Week is ending soon, so get out there, make like a tourist, and stuff your face on the (relatively) cheap. Notable for: Better than Ferris Booth, and with desserts less “Tasti,” and thus less obviously toxic.