1. PresBo  

    probably didn't like Kulawik's article too much. Actually, Dartmouth's President didn't either.

  2. OH YEAH  

    Fuck casbah. Chipotle is NOW.

  3. hmm  

    never thought i'd agree with kulawik. But it seems that day has come.



    Oh and Bwog, dear god, please link to the first page of the articles.

  5. CU administration...  

    uniting students of all political stripes through sheer incompetence.

  6. Casbah:  

    Where the over-priced drinks aren't very good and 18 year-old girls get hit on 35 year-old guys. Boy am I going to miss it.

  7. FINALLY!  


  8. Opening of Chipotle

    Another link in the chain...

  9. good job  

    Kulawik's column was really enlightening. It finally showed that he is really just another Columbia student who has to deal with the same annoying bureaucratic stuff as everybody else.

  10. ya but  

    Chipotle is NOT good for this neighborhood. The food sucks, it's a chain, and it's going to be fucking ugly.
    The commenters on here have shit for brains and no lives.

    • Anonymous

      False. The commenters know a damn good burrito when they eat one. This is quite possibly the second greatest thing to ever happen to me.

    • kingship  

      i don't think i'd be going out on a limb to say that a place where i can get a decent meal for less than $15 fucking dollars on broadway is "bad for the neighborhood." chipotle may be a chain, but there won't be waiters hassling you to order or pay, so you'll be able to hang out, and if you think the food is bad, you've nobody to blame but yourself, for creating a bad burrito recipe. i can't wait

  11. MIP  

    That Houstonian kid they interviewed has obviously never had a Freeb!rds burrito, which is the only burrito chain I would prefer over Chipotle. For shame.

    Although when it comes to burritos around here in general, I think I'd still prefer the monsters at Taqueria y Fonda.

  12. actually  

    The reason Casbah sucked was because it was run by a bunch of shady Middle Eastern people who liked to put on airs and pretend they "run shit," like the Mafia or something.

    Good fucking riddance.

  13. oh no he didn't

    Did Kulawik just propose replacing Hartley Deli with some random fast food joint? That is by far the worst idea ever.

    • who here  

      has ever seen Hartley Deli open?

      I'd rather have a Jamba Juice.

      • Um, I have...a lot

        Monday - Thursday 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m

        And everything is Kosher, and super convenient. There is no reason to replace Hartley Deli. It's packed at lunch time proving that there is a demand for what they offer. I more than support getting rid of services we students never use (Wien Food Court), but why get rid of something when there is a significant demand for it?

  14. damn

    casbah may have been a shady ass place, but no where close by could one dance the way one could dance at casbah. rip casbah.

    chipotle blows.

    • F U  

      Casbah was the biggest piece of shit in this neighborhood. If you want to dance, go down town.

    • DHI  

      Rip Casbah indeed.
      Rip it to shreds.
      And replace it with a Chipotle.
      It is one of the best fast food places, we can always use more places where you can get filling food, and you can easily steal Tabasco there.
      It is true that no other place allowed you to dance the way you could at Casbah. No other place allowed you to dance to music as bad, while drinking drinks as overpriced, with as many weird-ass old motherfuckers hitting on the girls.

  15. "packed"  

    yeah, no - go to a jamba at lunch. That's packed. Now imagine how much rent they would pay.

  16. I don't get it  

    Bwog does understand that PrezBo's expendature account is $94,000... right?

  17. east coast fools  

    Chipotle is a terrible fucking burrito chain. I'm assuming that all of these "CHIPOTLE!!!11" people have never had a burrito west of the Mississippi.

  18. Sprinkles  

    RE: Kulawik's piece: Fax machine? Name me one company that doesn't let you submit your resume by e-mail, but does accept it by fax. Dude.

    Also, I miss the burrito shop that operated out of Broadway Presbyterian's homeless outreach group for about a month or so. Now those were tasty.

    • DUDE  

      Last summer I submitted my resume for my internship via email. But turns out when I was hired they sent me some FORMS that I had to SIGN and fax to them. go figure, they wouldn't let me just type my name. If you want to do everything by email, fine, but please provide a scanner. Okay, so do you have any other complaints?

      • Anonymous  

        There's a scanner in Mudd! (2nd floor computer lab) and I think there are some in Butler too.

        As a SEAS student, I would have no problem if CC moved its date to match ours, but please CC- don't screw us by bringing our date to some ungodly, pre-midterm time.

    • have you...  

      tried applying for anything in DC, anything in a Congressional office?

  19. Anonymous

    Chris Kulawik, although well intentioned this time, still falls victim to subjects he is not knowledgeable about.

    SEAS students take exams later in the school year than their CC counterparts. That is the reason why the add/drop date is later.

    Sourcing out email to say yahoo or google is an interesting idea, but in my opinion not practical. Email is an institution critical service, if it breaks we have a whole team of IT people to fix it on site. If Google had a nasty hiccup for whatever reason, regardless of how unlikely, the communication for your university is at the mercy of Google. IT costs for an email server? I would say it pales in contrast to the amount of money we pay for bandwidth on our T1 pipes. If Columbia actually wanted to potentially save some long term money communications wise, we would rid ourselves of ROLM phones and have IT manage a VOIP system.

    Chris does point out a lot of things and is on the whole right. It makes me wonder why he didn't run for student council where they try to work with administrators on things that he mentioned. The Military Affairs office is another interesting idea. Why doesn't he push for it, if Columbia doesn't do it, maybe dedicated students such as himself could do it themselves via an ABC club.

  20. I think  

    Kulawik doesn't realize that SEAS students very rarely get to take non-required courses, and hence almost never even have the opportunity to P/F a class. This means that if SEAS had the same dates as CC, the 2nd P/F date would mean very little as they are already stuck in almost all their classes.

    As pointed out by #30, SEAS classes tend to weigh midterms and exams much more heavily than CC classes, so the add/drop date is pushed back beyond the usual midterm dates.

  21. just a fan  

    I WANT TO THANK THE FIX IT COLUMN FOR ACTUALLY MAKING A DIFFERENCE!! That little column in the spec is so small but they always point out a problem and get it fixed! I love FIX IT!

  22. re:gmail  

    The point isn't that we should outsource our email to Google, but rather that Google gives you a hell of a lot more for a hell of a lot less. He's got a good point.

    • yeah  

      but, like, google gives you a hell of a lot more for a hell of a lot less than a lot of professional companies too.

      • Anonymous

        google provides you with a lot more because they subsidize it with advertising dollars. Columbia does not generate income through cubmail or whatever. Plus I really see nothing wrong with 250 Mb for storage space and email, especially when gmail already exists.

        Maybe if he was talking about alumni email addresses or increased print quota, but nonetheless I think he's on the right track for once.

  23. The Dink  

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I cannot contain my excitement at the moment. There is perhaps no finer fast, or otherwise, eating establishment on the face of this great Earth then that holy church of burrito artistry that is Chipotle. Casbah, always the pretentious, overpriced nightlife spot in our environs shall be replaced by only the most perfect of eateries! Hooray! There is, yes, there must be, a God, or, more likely, someone really smart in the Chipotle corporate structure that identifies how necessary it is for there to be a Chipotle in such close proximity to Columbia. I cannot wait to be able to walk but six short blocks and taste that freshly wrapped burrito, filled with the freshest veggies, excellent guac, and my favorite mix of corn and medium salsas, drenched, of course, in Chipotle Tabasco sauce. And, for all those meat eaters out there, how happy I am for you, to be able to dine and enjoy the tender chicken, beef, and succulent barbacoa. Oh, hooray! Oh, glory be! Chipotle, nearby! I won't even have to take the subway down to one of the current 14 other locations on Manhattan! This is truly a victory for taste, for freshness, (to be cont.)

  24. The Dink  

    for quality, for crazy pseudo-indigenous/industrial interior decorating, and for us, because we will, come August, bask in glory of Chipotle. I have driven 6 hours for Chipotle in the past, but soon, I will have to walk but 6 blocks. I love all of you, everyone, people of the world, because Chipotle is coming to town. Thank you all.

  25. The Dink  

    In my veganness and exuberance I neglected the Carnitas, the fourth pillar of delicious meats offered by Chipotle. Meat eaters, enjoy.

  26. Sprinkles  

    While I don't really like Chipotle, hopefully it's entrance into the neighborhood will decrease the hipster quotient, and that's always a good thing. I for one am still rejoicing over having a new 24-hours McDonald's at 104th.

    *cue someone calling me a GREAT BIG MEANIE because I don't want to walk to the one at 125th late at night*

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