Ensuciamos. We fucked up.

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mea culpaCORRECTION to earlier post:

It appears that our source on the statistic that 13 out of 57 people tested for HIV yesterday must have misheard: according to a staff member at the Gay Health Advocacy Project, Bronx AIDS Services (who provided the HIV antibody testing) clarified that only 29 people were tested–none positive.

For future reference: GHAP offers free and confidential HIV testing to everyone–gay, straight, staff and students–during walk-in hours, Monday through Thursday from 4:00-7:00 PM, or by appointment (854-6655).  Results are available the day following the test.

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  1. wondering  

    whats with the spanish... and whos translating?

  2. btw  

    it should be: la embarramos

  3. Another  

    major correction, Bwog? It looks like it might be time to start properly sourcing your stories.

  4. well,  

    it worked. stupid but it got me to schedule myself an HIV test.

  5. Talk about  

    shity journalism! Shame on you, Bwog!

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