Water Guns Don’t Kill Students, Students Kill Students: CUAssassins Approaches

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Registration for the annual Engineering Student Council-sponsored water pistol-fest begins tomorrow, and Bwog’s getting excited. Teams of four will compete for group fulfillment, eternal glory, and undisclosed amounts of cash in the “espionage game” that will surely bring out the chemical, mechanical, or biomedical (etc.) engineer that’s somewhere (very) deep inside of you.

Don’t let ESC’s strange slogan — “Death. From. Behind.” — turn you away, for the Assassins lore you hear is nearly all true (someone was once killed in Washington, D.C.).  All of you Mavericks have just a few more hours to search for your respective Ices.  Then grab your cloak, your dagger, your confidence – the fun begins on Monday.

P.S. – Check out Chris Beam’s ’05 coverage of people acting pretty nuttily during CUAssassins here.


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  1. Anonymous

    As one of the illustrious Beamers classmates, I should ponit out that Chris was 06, actually.

  2. The Webmaster  

    The rules will be up later today--sorry for the confusion. Ok, back to coding.

  3. wondering  

    is tao tan playing this year????

  4. anonymous coward  

    someone was killed in new orleans, not washington DC... it happened at mardi gras and was 4 years ago now. three years ago someone was killed in baltimore at a cava conference... god, funniest thing ever.

  5. random person  

    If only the guns really were supersoakers instead of the tiny squirt gun variety. I really want to see someone dripping wet.

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