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assassinsThe “Commissioner” of Assassins sends notification that you can’t get your espionage on just yet:


Due to the fact that we ran out of guns (despite having ordered enough for everyone) and the fact that no establishment in Manhattan seems to carry squirt guns in the month of February, we have been forced to delay the start of the game until THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22 at 9 P.M. You will be unable to log into the website until that time. Should you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail back.

-The Commissioner

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  1. wtf  

    why do you post shit like this? everyone who is playing the game got this email. everyone who isn't doesn't care.

  2. carlito

    yeah. this bwog post is uncool.

  3. jbw  

    not true, i love following assassins, but i don't play (too distracting and stressful). So i didn't get this e-mail and it was helpful that it was posted. Thanks Bwog

  4. yeah  

    assassins is fun. just as relevant as anything else...

  5. So that's what  

    all the at bizarre facebook stuff is all about? Also, do they still say "In the name of Commissioner David Stern, I assassinate you" before assassinating someone?

  6. wow  

    how do you run out of guns despite ordering enough? aren't these kids in seas???

    • The Commissioner  

      Some people took more guns than they were supposed to, delaying the game for everyone.

      The website is http://secure.cuengineering.com . Once it goes live on Thursday night anyone will be able to view kill reports submitted by agents in the game.

      • Dear Commissioner  

        This year's game was organized horribly. Besides a facebook event, how were people to know when and how information would be distributed? Before your bwog post, not everyone was informed about the secure site. Plus, your rules are still super unclear.

        • The Commissioner  

          We actually had more teams sign up this year than we ever have in the past. All the people who signed up for the game received the website address in an e-mail before the orientation meeting.

          Barnard students can't play because of dorm access issues. The rules refer to players as he for simplicity. It's nothing against women.

          We charge people to play the game to 1) cover the cost of the guns, 2) cover the cost of pizza at the orientation meeting, and 3) award cash prizes to the winners. Neither the ESC nor the administrators of the game make any money from Assassins.

          • Rant  

            Although I have not been vocal about this before (I have worked on the game for 3 years), I will offer some food for thought:

            - The administrators make no money running this game.
            - The administrators cannot participate in the game (except for the police).
            - The administrators spend many, many hours preparing for and running the game.

            Please try to keep that in mind when you play. The game is intended to be fun. It is not life or death. If you think you can and would like to do it better, please do! Otherwise, please try to cut the volunteers who run the game a little slack.

            The names and email addresses of the administrators are made public, so if you have constructive feedback, it's certainly welcome.

          • Huh

            really? I thought the whole point was fundraising. Shoot. I'll advocate a little quieter for open elections, maybe? Maybe.

            Also, it'd be a good fundraiser...

          • I'll  

            say that I in fact did not get an email prior to the orientation meeting, having registered for the game.

  7. agent  

    can you post a link to the website?

  8. Anybody

    want to start a rival game of assassins that doesn't cost any money? I mean, after the SEAS one is over, I don't wanna destroy a legit fundraising drive. But I also wanna play assassins and not pay money.

  9. how come  

    barnard students can't play? and how come all the players are referred to throughout the rules site as "he"?

    • rules  

      'he' as the generic pronoun is acceptable usage, and less clunky than he/she.

      barnard students are not allowed to play because historically there have been problems with dorm access. the game is only open to cc/seas students, since they share common dorm access.

  10. I signed up  

    and I'm going to on a program to Europe until June. Can I have my check now, or will you mail it to me overseas?

  11. Anonymous

    it's going to be HILARIOUS when fox news does a feature story on Columbia's Assassins, cementing our status as a factory for left wing fascist militant jihadists.

  12. me neither  

    but i love this game!

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