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So it would seem, judging by some of the kill reports on CU Assassin’s website. While some are as descriptive as last year and others blatantly to the point, one thing remains constant as the obvious thought and dedication that was put into each of these ambushes will show: these assassins take their jobs seriously… […]

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CU Assassins has finally come to a bloody, ruthless end. “The Commissioners” have informed the participants via email that Team “Teamname” officially won the game with three Agents still alive when Agent Claytoya murdered Agent bearclaw at 1:30pm today. Though the last kill appears to be a clean one, the recent animosity over unclear kills […]

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Those of you following CU Assassins may have noticed that in place of the mocking, playful, and egotistical tones of early kill reports, many killins of the past week have been described with malice and aggression. Water-gun-in-your-face aggression. There are now only two teams remaining in the game – one with two players, and one […]

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Bwog’s Associate Child Wrangler and Grassy Median Monitor Austin Brauser spotted a small person hiding in the brush on College Walk. Are the British back?  Is he a CUAssassin?  Don’t be alarmed – he’s probably just defending himself from stressed-out Columbians. After the jump: Young person threatens cameraman.

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Just a few days after the start of the beloved ESC festival of waterguns, over one third of the agents have been officially as dead as Empanada Joe’s, and CUAssassins is starting to get nasty.  Less violent but just as serious as the war in the street is the competition between killers for the best […]

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A new year means a new session of CUAssassins. Assassins reports for those unlucky souls who have been “killed” since the game began on Saturday at midnight are beginning to filter in from the front (aka “everywhere”). Among the lessons learned from the first batch of kill reports: Agent “Cinnamon”  learned “Never say, ‘come in!!!'” […]

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 Image via Just as you’re feeling comfortable with this new semester, you feel a sudden wetness.  Yes, CU Assassins is back, launching with E-Week 2009.  ESC has more information in a blog post thing, awkwardly titled “Oh Snaps.”  Clearly, this is going to be a killer event, as it involves multiple snaps “from behind.”  […]

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Hold Your Fire!

The “Commissioner” of Assassins sends notification that you can’t get your espionage on just yet: Agents: Due to the fact that we ran out of guns (despite having ordered enough for everyone) and the fact that no establishment in Manhattan seems to carry squirt guns in the month of February, we have been forced to […]

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