QuickSpec: Hopefully Your Web Redesign Goes Over Better Than Ours Edition

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  1. the gay advisor  

    article is extremely misinformed and ignorant

  2. Dear Nellie  

    stfu. kthnx.

  3. SEAS-er  

    Is it April 1st? Did I sleep a month and half last night? With gems like "Professors are stuck in the year they wrote their theses," I would like to hope that the article was satire.

    The complete dismissal of Barnard on the whole at the end really topped it off for me.

  4. Tard

    What kind of tard would go to Columbia in a wheelchair, I mean no offense but I'd rather go to Cornell that navigate CU as a crip.

  5. Owain Evans  

    The Nellie Bowles article is a superb piece of rhetoric. She may simplify matters somewhat, but the core point is an important:
    "The '80s have left us with painful reminders of a culture obsessed with division. The African American Studies and a Women's and Gender Department are statements, nods to civil rights and feminism, whose only purpose now is to separate. How can we talk about new conceptions of gender when there's a women's department? How can we take power away from race, from the words black and white, and destroy their ability to divide people, when classes on race are separated from the rest of "non-racial" academic departments?"

    In any case, regardless of the issue at hand, it is rare to see such skilful prose and stylish argument on the Spec Op-Ed page (or, for that matter, anywhere else).

  6. finally  

    it is about time that columbia hired an lgbt advisor--our campus has the oldest queer student organization in the country but the administration has been lagging behind forever. its nice to see that they're finally putting their money where their mouth is.

  7. huh?  

    who the hell is nellie bowles? anyone know?? what does she teach? and why is she so freakin' crazy?

  8. re: nellie.  

    if you are not a feminist, kill yourself.

    -margaret cho

  9. hey  

    lay off nellie, people. she makes extremely good points. maybe the reason you're so stung is because in many very significant respects, she speaks the truth.

    • um, no  

      Nellie Bowles does not speak the truth. Ignoring different identities by assuming that everyone is cut from the same cloth inevitably denies queer people, black people, etc. their unique voice in a largely white institution/country. I think that people who usually think the way Nellie does assume that queer people are completely integrated into society, and experience no form of homophobia or general feeling of otherness from straight people. If you think that is true, then I have to ask, why was "queers rape" scrawled on the column near Carman recently?

  10. what  

    WHAT THE FUCK? the letter to the editor was totally fucked up.

  11. asians  

    what?! no mention of the asian op-ed?!

    Lian Ji would say that the Bwog hates non-asians. and I'm tempted to agree with him.


  12. wow  

    they call that a redesign? why is "columbia spectator" still not the most prominent thing on the page.

  13. also  

    I hate to say it, but Reni Laine's editorial was pretty insipid and sucky.

  14. random  

    Does anyone else find it odd that the Spectator webpage is advertising NYU?

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