The Wait is Over: CCSC Deadline Passes, THREE (Updated!) Parties Face Off for E-Board

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segoviaThe SGO was hopping tonight, as candidates filed for their positions for the upcoming CCSC election, putting an end to days of intense speculation. The CCSC President’s race was especially full of surprises, as a number of rumored candidates (George Krebs, Felipe Tarud, Chris Kulawik, Josh Lipsky, Will Snider)
schwartz did not run (choosing, respectively, ’09 Class Council, University Senate, College Republicans, College Democrats, and what looks like no run at all). This hardly indicates that Michelle Diamond is running unopposed, as had also been rumored. She faces three two opponents from the class of 2008, none of whom are affiliated with CCSC. Those candidates are Tracy Chung, Shoshana Schwartz, and Natali Segovia.

More free-floating electoral goodness after the jump!

Photos: Segovia (left), Diamond (top right), Schwartz (bottom right). No image of Chung was immediately available.

The races for Academic Affairs Representative, Student Services Representative, and University Senate appear equally crowded, if not more so. Details as to numbers and specific candidates were initially unclear due to the sheer number in the field; one member of the Elections Board was heard to remark: “Wow, there are a lot of candidates.” Bwog can confirm that Felipe Tarud has filed to run for University Senate, and Molly Conley, current 2010 Vice-President, for Student Services Representative.

Conley’s running mate in the last Class Council election, 2010 President Mark Modesitt, faces competition from two other parties, led by AJ Pascua and Maximo Cubilette, both current members of the Class Council and Presidential candidates in the last election. George Krebs and Neda Navab are both running unopposed for the top spots on their respective Class Councils, with respective running mates Mark Johnson and Calvin Sun.

Many rumors seem cleared up, but the Presidential race seems more unclear than ever. Bwog will keep you updated as the field’s parties and platforms become known, and as we get to know the candidates through debate season. May the best woman, and her party, win.

UPDATE, 12:45 AM: Bwog has learned the full field of candidates. They are as follows:

At-Large Positions

Academic Affairs Representative: Donna Desilus ’09, Kenneth Liu ’10, Scott Zaloom ’09


Pre-Professional Representative: Priyanka Gumaste ’10, Derek Hou

Student Services Representative: Molly Conley ’10, Brian Leung ’09

University Senate: Daniel Free, Philip Hadley ’09, Kevin Jiang ’10, Allan Lau ’09, Jonathan Mo ’09, Felipe Tarud ’08, Michael Topol ’10, Eric Wang ’08

2010 Class Council

Alma Matters [Remix]: Mark Modesitt (President); Jessica Becker-Venegas (Vice President); Gabriel Castillo, Lena Fan, Esha Gupta (Representatives)

Go: AJ Pascua (President); Sue Yang (Vice President); Joey Goldberg, Matt Harold, Claytoya Tugwell (Representatives)

Toga: Maximo Cubilette II (President); Alexandra Lalonde (Vice President); Charlotte Freinberg, Valerie Sapozhnikova (Representatives)

2009 Class Council

Fusion: George Krebs (President); Mark Johnson (Vice President); Heather Oh, Ian Solsky, Zahrah Taufique (Representatives)

Unaffiliated: Kelley Gasper (Representative)

2008 Class Council

[Access]: Neda Navab (President); Calvin Sun (Vice President); Scott Hughes, Rahul Jain, Stephanie Quan (Representatives)

Executive Board

One Columbia: Michelle Diamond ’08 (President); Alidad Damooei ’09 (VP Policy); Jennifer Choi ’09 (VP Funding); Lindsey Lazopoulos ’08 (VP Campus Life); Glenn Thompson ’08 (VP Communications)

Rebelcc: Tracy Chung ’08 (President); Katrina Ciraldo ’08 (VP Policy); Tim Paulin ’08 (VP Funding); Josie Duffy (VP Campus Life); Paul Soto ’08 (VP Communications)

Revolve: Shoshana Schwartz ’08 (President); Rahel Aima ’10 (VP Policy); Lillian Udell ’10 (VP Funding); Samantha Stanton ’09 (VP Campus Life); Gabriella Ripoll ’10 (VP Communications)

Voice: Natali Segovia ’08 (President); Mallory Carr ’09 (VP Policy); David Coates ’08 (VP Funding); Marbre Stahly-Butts ’08 (VP Campus Life); Nirvikar Jassal ’10 (VP Communications)

UPDATE, 1:05 AM: Shoshana Schwartz pulled the Revolve Party out of the race with this statement:

“The Revolve Party decided to run on the expectation that the One Columbia Party was running an uncontested race.  The Revolve Party does not have any specific objections to the One Columbia Party, and in fact has a positive view of the One Columbia Party.  However, we felt that for the sake of democracy, an uncontested  election would not be beneficial to the community.  As two other parties announced

surprise decisions to run, the Revolve Party has  decided that it will no longer run for CCSC.”

And then there were three.


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  1. Anonymous

    speaking of student government. what's up with these t-shirts?

    are we trying to reinforce engineering self consciousness?

  2. ugh  

    shoshana schwartz is ridiculously irritating. there, i said it.

  3. observer  

    speaking of the 2010 elections... no one currently elected with Mark (Alma Matters [Remix]) is running with him again. Priyanka and Molly are doing at-large positions, Charlotte is with Toga, and Joey is with Go.

  4. DPD  

    It's worth stating as well, though, that neither Charlotte nor Joey ran with Mark's Alma Matters party last time around.

  5. really  

    this is ridiculous. who are these other candidates? i hope all the voters are smart enough to recognize that michelle diamond is not only the best choice out of those who decided to run, but the best choice out of everyone who was even rumored to be running. She cares more about this school than I thought anyone could and that makes all the difference in the world.

  6. ew bwog  

    I like how BWOG has to put up a picture of Michelle partying in a LAME attempt to make her look less credible. You should be ashamed of yourselves. All this picture does is show that in addition to being incredibly serious about the ccsc, she's a really fun person to be around in general. I can't wait to see what she can do.

    • ew commenter  

      I like how COMMENTER has to put up a complaint about the picture of Michelle in a LAME attempt to make bwog look less credible. You should be ashamed of yourself. All this comment does is show that you read bwog so closely that you overanalyze every single decision they make.

  7. DPD  

    I actually just grabbed the first solo shot I saw of Michelle from her Facebook. In no way was I attempting to discredit Michelle, and this photo doesn't even seem to discredit her at all, to my mind.

  8. who  

    are these weird michelle diamond cheerleaders? is it just her friends, or strangers? which of those possibilities is sadder?

  9. Anonymous Coward  

    I've worked with Michelle. She knows when to go forward and when to cut back. That, in itself, shows maturity and vision, and she has my full (and anonymous) support for CCSC President.

  10. voter  

    Yeh...Michelle for Pres!!!!!!

  11. inga  


  12. Hmmm  

    Yay whoever! Who the hell cares! YAYYYY!

  13. Diamond supporter  

    Michelle is the best qualified, most experienced, and most dedicated candidate. She truly cares about this school, and is an incredibly kind and intelligent person.

  14. Diamond supporter  

    Diamond for President (of the US - seriously, she'd do a great job)

  15. unaffiliated  

    As someone hardly intune with the ongoing class elections, I can already see the umpteen contributions that Michelle has made for the good of the student body, as a whole. Judging by this comment board alone, I think it's clear to see who the winner will be. (Rightfully so!)

  16. Michelle's e-mails  

    sound like they were written by 3 year olds.

    • unfortunately  

      that is true. they do. excessive exclamation pointing is a hallmark of someone who cares more about pleasing people than doing the right thing.

      that said, this isn't the election for the president of the united states. michelle will probably be a fine undergrad president...

      although her emails will never even appraoch flaxman-goodness.

  17. That's to make sure  

    you can understand them.

  18. Devoted to Schwartz!  

    Shoshana for President! Go Shosh!

  19. Schwartz Supporter  

    A lack of CCSC experience sounds like a plus to me. I'm voting Schwartz...

  20. fyi bwog  

    Kevin J for Senate is 2010

  21. HIIIII  

    I'm like Miche LoL e!!!Elevenity!11!

  22. KUDOS  

    To Shoshana for recognizing that the One Columbia Party is the right choice, and for pulling out of the race accordingly.

  23. that says volumes  

    about michelle and her qualifications.. i'm impressed by Shoshana's decision and i respect that greatly

  24. i think  

    it says less about "michelle and her qualifications" or that "One Columbia" is the right choice, and more that they want to consolidate or focus the opposition parties to work to defeat michelle.

    • Isn't it obvious...  

      that if there has to be some valiant effort to "thwart" Michelle's quest to Presidency, clearly she's a deserving candidate who obviously has enough to offer and properly serve the position???

      • not the case  

        if an undeserving candidate is running unopposed, there will be others (even with very little time left as today's scramble proved) who find it worthwhile to put in the "valiant effort" to thwart michelle.

        • Why bother...  

          with haphazard, last minute parties? If there's a true desire to run/serve as President, the other candidates who are already running shouldn't matter. It's just apparent that perhaps some people aren't running for any reason other than to say they are.

  25. so who  

    are the other two running against michelle? she's basically got my vote, but i'm just curious.

    when is this election? soon i hope? i hope to never have to be involved in voting in student council elections again.

    here i am voting for the leader of the free world AND the president of my class at columbia. woozers, aren't i grand.

  26. 4 bwog's info  

    josie duffy is class of 2009

  27. Shoshana Schwartz  

    To make sure that the previous statement was clear, the Revolve Party would like to restate that it simply objected to the possibility of having a single-party race, and had no objections to the members or platform of the One Columbia Party. In fact I personally have an extremely positive view of the members of the One Columbia Party with whom I am acquainted, and am confident that they would do a great job as President and Vice President.

    We simply felt that in order to ensure that important issues were debated during the campaign season, it is necessary to have a plurality of voices.

  28. QUICK, CCSC!  


  29. wow  

    I wonder how many *actual* *different* Diamond supporters there are here? Not only are "they" all kind of ridiculously fawning, "they" seem to me to have very similar writing styles... Really pretty sad...

    • fair enough  

      now show me a chung or segovia supporter

    • Michelle love  

      If there is anything similar about all of the posts supporting Michelle, it's that they all share whole-hearted enthusiasm for her. It's impossible for anyone who knows her well (or even just a little) not to feel the same enthusiasm - she is amazing at everything she does. She is caring and passionate, but also focused and organized. She is more dedicated to Columbia than anyone I've ever met, and will put everything she has into improving it. And she'll succeed, because she's just that good.

  30. parties  

    never die, they just lie dormant under the misty mountain with the elven kings, ready for the coming of the one.

  31. dfd  

    old parties never die, they just fade away.

    also...One Columbia? Sounds like Unity!

  32. shoshana schwartz

    LETS ALL VOTE FOR BARRY GOLDWATER! bring back barry goldwater!

  33. the truth  

    CCSC '09 4 EVA!

  34. looking at 2010  

    it can't be a good sign that mark is the only incumbent on his own ticket.

  35. good race hopeful  

    Natali Segovia is an interesting choice. I am looking to see what she can do. And to all those (or has been pointed out, the one or two) idots who are in favor of Michelle without the race having even started... why don't you calm down and see what the candidates have to say!

  36. first!  

    the quantity of exclamation points in this comments section makes me want to vomit fire. as ever, voting is lame.

  37. finger  

    no one is pointing fingers where they might actually go. every year, any number of people suggest to any other number of people that they should run, and some of them agree and some of them disagree. this isn't unusual. what is new is the bwog posting all conversation related to this decision, thus making it appear like certain seniors were 'looking' for someone to run against michelle, when in fact they may have just been answering questions (or maybe it is something related to this: http://bwog.net/publicate/index.php?page=post&article_id=2421 ?) Whatever their motivation was, the BWOG made their actions seem like anyone would do. Shoshana says so herself "The Revolve Party decided to run on the expectation that the One Columbia Party was running an uncontested race." This is bad meddling Bwog, and yesterday, you caused a lot of headache and heartache to a lot of nice people. And the out of context quote that you apologized for today is not the only reason that you should feel ashamed of yourself.

  38. Hmm  

    Does anyone else not give a damn about all this? Oh right, they're not wasting the time to post a comment like I am. Oops.

  39. SEAS-er  

    I hope everyone realizes just how much work student leaders put in for the student body. The amount of bureaucracy they have to wade through to get the things most claim to be small and pointless is immense. Just be thankful someone out there is willing to do it for you.

    I'd vote for Michelle, but I'm disenfranchised. She works harder and is a much, much smarter than some of you are giving her credit for.

  40. vote 2010!  

    Just to set the record straight - Mark is an amazing class president. It appears though everyone wanted to run with their original parties. Mark's VP Jessica was really involved with his campaign in the fall, so it seems natural that she would run with him. She's also AMAZING!!! Knowing the five elected officials in 2010, Molly and Priyanka both wanted to move on to CCSC positions because they wanted to "make a difference vs. class programming" or else it would have been mark, molly, priyanka, and two new people. Priyanka was the only rep that really did anything this year anyways, so I don't blame mark for wanting to create a new party. There are a lot of 2010 kids in the race. Vote for Kevin, Michael, Priyanka, and Kenny. To my knowledge, no other freshman class has boasted this many candidates. I wonder why it's different this year????

    • 2010  

      Yes, Mark may be the only elected incumbent from last year on his ticket, but his VP was on and really involved with Class Council this year, so he isnt going into the race with people who have no experience with class council at all. As far as I know, Jessica has really stepped up on class council, doing more than a lot of the elected representatives. On the other hand, I think its great that Mark has branched out and found new people to run with him as reps-- people that are really involved in other organizations. Unlike the other parties, at least Mark's party isnt all the same people who lost to him last time.

  41. I LOVE THE OC!  

    Open Columbia --> One Columbia

  42. CCSC  

    Before everyone starts getting too excited about Michelle, you should probably wait and see who these people are and what they plan on doing. Though most of the people running haven't been on CCSC, they've done amazing things in on-campus groups, and have seen what CCSC has done to affect them as both students and campus leaders. Wouldn't it be refreashing to get some new blood into CCSC as opposed to the same people over and over again? And doesn't the success of those candidates that are running show that they're not only extremely able to do their jobs well, but that they can add something to student government that hasn't been seen? It seems to me that blindly following Michelle just because she has more experience is a bit short-sighted

  43. woo!  

    I love Marbre! She's amazing to work with! And Dave Coates is amazing too! (and hot) go Voice!!!

  44. MD fan  

    i just want to see michelle diamond on tv. please do the mtv true life thing michelle!

  45. new blood?  

    While Michelle has a lot of pertinent experience, if you look at her entire ticket, there is a good amount of fresh blood. Only Michelle and Alidad are on CCSC this year. Glenn, Lindsey, and Jennifer are fresh. As a reult, you get a mix of fresh perspective and experience.

    But bottom line, we'll have to wait and see how effective the platforms are.

  46. ccsc wtf  

    but for president you need ccsc experience. bottom line.

  47. hmm  

    Tracy Chung has a healthy lead in the Spec's online poll. Not like that means anything, but still...

  48. anyone else  

    think that mark and jessica are on here touting their party because no one else will?

  49. i just  

    can't take seriously anyone who uses multiple punctuation marks. it doesnt help, and demonstrating strength with the "ditzy" vote doesnt make your candiate look any better.

    • Dear, benign POV  

      If your basis of trusting a leader lies on the number of punctuation marks he or she uses, then perhaps replying to BWOG articles is the arena in which you should remain.

      I can't think of anyone on that ticket attempting to "demonstrate strength" via a "ditzy" vote. Since your passive aggression has made it abundantly clear to whom you're referring, I think it's just as well to point out that Michelle has shown nothing but competence, professionalism, and drive to create and implement agendas for the better of her student body. Show me a better definition of President.

  50. Academic Affairs  

    Wow....Donna Desilus for Academic Affairs, she is extremely motivated and intelligent. I think that she would do a great job. Lets go Donna

  51. but  

    what about michelle's tits?

  52. Jack  

    I feel as if whoever is writing the posts concerning the incumbent for the 2010 elections is either the incumbent himself, or one of his friends, and neither an objective member of Class Council nor the class of 2010.

  53. hmm  

    It seems to me what mark lacks is the ability to earn loyalty from his old party and the present class council. Hmm...I wonder what that means...

  54. AJ Rules!!!!!  

    that's all.

  55. hfgjftgjtjugfjgkgk

    Lindsey Lazopoulos got gangbanged by the Hankins.

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