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gossipThe CCSC gossip has been flowing like cheap wine at Columbia Cottage. For your edification:

Item #1: Chris Kulawik may have come closer to a CCSC run than anyone realized. As George Krebs struggled to put together a ticket, he received feelers from Kulawik’s associates to see if he was interested in joining a Kulawik ticket. Krebs is associated with the College Dems; Kulawik, of course, with the Republicans. Krebs turned him down, and faced with a limited timeframe, Kulawik decided not to file.

Item # 2: File Felipe Tarud in the long list of candidates who claim that higher-ups in CCSC urged them to run. Tarud, who won’t say which individuals wanted a candidate to oppose Michelle, considered it, but bowed out as he realized other candidates were interested were running and performing what he called a “cost-benefit analysis.”

Ever more whispers from the SGO after the jump!

Item # 3: No word on how Natali Segovia’s Voice Party managed to be included in the race despite turning in paperwork about two minutes late (9:00:59, by the one of the many unsynchronized clocks in the SGO that was deemed “official”). When this reporter left the SGO at about 9:20 last night, the campaign was still in limbo, though they are now officially in. Our guess as to why no one cared: it was just under two minutes.

Item # 4: For her part, Michelle Diamond issued a strictly-for-the-haters (copyright Kevin Federline) statement to Bwog three hours before the filing deadline, in which she welcomed the competitors that have made a race of an election that might have been uncontested: “I am more than happy to discuss my ideas because having to defend them and think about all the specifics involved in accomplishing them would only make me a stronger president if I am fortunate enough to be elected.” In an earlier interview with Bwog, Diamond discussed her hatred of looking “political” while campaigning: “Anyone who runs for Student Council has a masochistic drive.” Indeed.


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  1. kulawik  

    should've filed anyway. He would've made things interested.

  2. kulawik  


    • actually  

      he would probably be even more effective if he lost. I really doubt that Michelle "!!!!!!" Diamond has the same understanding of campus affairs as Kulawik. She could stand to learn a thing or two.

  3. um guys  

    who cares? stop giving this so much attention.

  4. No blood for oil  

    I'm going to go on strike from class next Wednesday for about an hour and a half in a bid to protest Segovia's late-registration.

    • Well...  

      I think we all need to take a lesson from the TA's handbook and set a walk-out for the first really nice say in Spring. That way all the people who are coincidentally on the steps can be counted towards our BS attendance numbers.

    • well  

      according to the website, paperwork wasnt due until 9pm, so if she was late in filing it was by less than a minute. it took that long to find the right place to turn in the forms since the sgo was such a madhouse

  5. did Bwog  

    even contact Kulawik?

  6. hmmm  

    "he received feelers from Kulawik's associates to see if he was interested in joining a Kulawik ticket."

    In other words, Kulawik never mentioned a possible run - perhaps other people wanted him to run.

    Not what I would call the most sound claim, Bwog.

  7. No one  

    cares about Bwog's (almost certainly erroneous) CCSC speculation. Just let it die.

  8. DPD  

    I did contact Kulawik, who never responded. George Krebs is on-the-record as saying that Kulawik's (aborted) campaign contacted him.

  9. Anonymous

    Kudos to bwog for being able to make something I care as little about as the CCSC race (SEAS) interesting to me. Love this insider coverage.

  10. yea  

    in general i couldnt give a shit about any of this. but the way you frame it bwog, oh soo juicy. you make us plebians out to be pawns in some mastermind's game of chess. love it.

  11. bwog  

    needs more real reporters

  12. Anonymous

    criticize criticize criticize.

  13. jeez  

    take it easy on bwog, #16 et al. you all try keeping up a website like this on top of classes, work, and other extracurriculars, let alone plain old down time.

    bwog, you do good work.

  14. no cares  

    about student council. actually, maybe 100 of the 6000 or so undergrads that go here - still not enough to give it this much attention. jesus, i think that i'd rather read "cooking with bwog" than this crap.

  15. hehe  

    felipe is such an econ-nerd, i love it. so is his boyfriend, they're cute together.

  16. haha

    at Michelle Diamond. She strikes me as way to packaged. I worked with her on project athena. one of those typical 'management style' people who likes to think they're control, running meetings and dishing out orders. When in fact all their posturing and planning leads to ZERO progress. I hate these kinds of students leaders. All polish, no results.

    • oh god  

      she's so disliked by council members as well as large segments of cc '08...i don't understand why everyone thinks she's a shoe-in. she's already alienated lots of the junior class by her ditzy behavior and her fake attitude. we need someone genuine who can really give us results.

  17. ummm  

    personally, i find being a student leader to be extremely challenging. i feel that michelle is a genuine person who gets results and is loved a lot.

  18. teal  

    Few people on council want to see Michelle win.

  19. nose job  

    Lindsey Lazwhatever got one. i have sources....good ones.

  20. yeah.  

    Michelle has worked really hard on CCSC, and while some people don't always agree with her decisions, its unfair to say that she hasn't done a good job and won't do a good job if- and when- elected. Michelle has the experience and the drive, and thats whats important.

  21. Council Member  

    I'm on CCSC and I support Michelle, and I don't know anyone on CCSC who doesn't.

    • other council member  

      CCSCers I've spoken with fully support Michelle... I've worked with her on various proposals and issues and she's been smart, hardworking, and just generally great. leave her alone

  22. perhaps...  

    maybe the cadidate process would have gone smoother if certain upperclassmen and non-CCer's had stayed the hell out.

  23. joey  

    Michelle is a fully respetced and great invidual woh liww do gr8 for ccsc. also, her tites - they are nice.

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