gossipThe CCSC gossip has been flowing like cheap wine at Columbia Cottage. For your edification:

Item #1: Chris Kulawik may have come closer to a CCSC run than anyone realized. As George Krebs struggled to put together a ticket, he received feelers from Kulawik’s associates to see if he was interested in joining a Kulawik ticket. Krebs is associated with the College Dems; Kulawik, of course, with the Republicans. Krebs turned him down, and faced with a limited timeframe, Kulawik decided not to file.

Item # 2: File Felipe Tarud in the long list of candidates who claim that higher-ups in CCSC urged them to run. Tarud, who won’t say which individuals wanted a candidate to oppose Michelle, considered it, but bowed out as he realized other candidates were interested were running and performing what he called a “cost-benefit analysis.”

Ever more whispers from the SGO after the jump!

Item # 3: No word on how Natali Segovia’s Voice Party managed to be included in the race despite turning in paperwork about two minutes late (9:00:59, by the one of the many unsynchronized clocks in the SGO that was deemed “official”). When this reporter left the SGO at about 9:20 last night, the campaign was still in limbo, though they are now officially in. Our guess as to why no one cared: it was just under two minutes.

Item # 4: For her part, Michelle Diamond issued a strictly-for-the-haters (copyright Kevin Federline) statement to Bwog three hours before the filing deadline, in which she welcomed the competitors that have made a race of an election that might have been uncontested: “I am more than happy to discuss my ideas because having to defend them and think about all the specifics involved in accomplishing them would only make me a stronger president if I am fortunate enough to be elected.” In an earlier interview with Bwog, Diamond discussed her hatred of looking “political” while campaigning: “Anyone who runs for Student Council has a masochistic drive.” Indeed.