QuickFed – Can Meta-ness Cancel Itself Out?

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Parody QuickBwog satirizes us and you, Bwog readers, alike. And now we’re QuickFedding it. How meta is that?

Thankfully, it wasn’t difficult to come up with a “ridiculously forced theme” for the rest of the issue:

Mock Bored@Butler

Mock GoAskAlice


Mock Bush Iraq Strategy, including cartoons inexplicably anthropomorphizing bunnies and carrots

Mock…er, real interview with Gulati?

Finally: presses must have been stopped to insert this timely THEY Watch reference to Facebook gifts. The Fed = just one step behind Mark Zuckerberg, who clearly = THEY!

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  1. blarg  

    Ah! The Fed is overwhelmingly obnoxious

  2. This just in...  

    The Fed is not funny and needs to get over itself. Also, it needs to stop putting it's garbage in front of my door.

    • Chas Carey  

      What? The Fed is one of those ships from "The Empire Strikes Back" that shoots grappling hooks at the Bwog?

      nuh-uh. We're totally that snow creature thing. That thing was awesome. The Bwog is... uh... Carrie Fisher.

      Thanks as always, Bwog!

  3. is it just me?  

    i like the fed.

  4. i wish  

    the fed had satirized culpa

  5. Fed Staffer  

    I think it's fairly evident that Christine DeLong is the new big thing on the campus illustration scene. She does the Spec, B&W, and of course our fine publication, which includes this issue's cover graphic. It's just a shame that she'll be graduating at the end of the year, she'll be sorely missed.

  6. Uhhh  

    What is the point of publishing a bored@butler screenshot?

  7. iue  

    This Fed was worth a perusal, which is more than I can say about previous editions that I've slipped on trying to get into my room. I like the improvement, love the meta. Still no Bwog, though.

  8. ....  

    CU Science Journal > Jester

  9. ehhhh  

    Your Mom = Your Mom


  10. .....  

    Orson Scott Card's "Speaker for the Dead" > CU Science Journal

  11. ...

    Soundings East Asia Monthly > Jester

  12. lalalala  

    Spec = funny, not trying to bed.

  13. actually  

    Flaxman e-mails > everything else, ever

  14.

    meta, the fed, the jester, cusj, seth flaxman, spectator, eyepoke, campus publications, mutual masturbation, tao tan

  15. jester  

    man publications gotta stop stealing our formatZ

  16. inequalities  

    bwog > life

  17. Wow  

    The Jester and the Fed have both been consistently improving, but I seem to notice that Jester is one step ahead in terms of humor.


  18. But  

    does the jester reference Carl Sandburg? The Fed wins.

  19. bogus  

    Whatever, CUSJ has more integrity in its cover than Jester has in an entire issue.

    CUSJ > Jester

  20. fed sucks  

    usually, but the bwog parody was actually funny. i think that's the first time i've ever laughed at the fed... they must have some new and superior staff.

    • Fed Staffer  

      The Fed has been strong really from the end of last year or so, but it takes a while to reverse people's opinions or association with a paper. If any of the campus publications are unfortunate enough to go under for a while, trust us: it takes a lot of time and hard work to nurse it back to health. It's really a testament to the determination of the current crowd, and the strength of the paper in the olden days, that so many staffers have been willing to invest time into making the thing better (I'm proud of you guys! *sniffles*)

  21. lol/God  

    Kudos RJT, you win.

  22. jester  

    everybody knows CUSJ is the least funny publication on campus. fuck them

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