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This time, the critics were right.

We tried reporting on the Blight demonstration on South Lawn at noon today, which was a protest of Columbia’s lack of transparency in the expansion process and the potential use of eminent doman to obtain the last few properties in Manhattanville that Columbia needs to build its new satellite campus. In order to do that, a Columbia-funded study is underway to determine whether the area is “blighted,” which means the state can hand it to a private entity.

The actual story will be reported in the Spec in an hour or so–read up for what really happened (UPDATE: find it here). Our “story” failed to contextualize the quote, which our tipster overheard while walking by, and completely misrepresented the character of the protest. We also tried to insert snark by quoting a Columbia planning site. It wasn’t funny, and it wasn’t informative, and it made this Bwog editor feel pretty bad. So, kick us in the shins.



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  1. DHI  

    It's a trap!
    They are all wearing steel-plated SHINGUARDS!

  2. i thought  

    the article was pretty good. remember bwog, you decide what is truth for me. you may have wrong opinions, but never wrong facts.

  3. WTFyourself  

    Eh, you are quick to admit the mistakes so it's all good. Just can't quit you. *clings to Bwog*

  4. Oh Bwog  

    Don't worry baby, we all make mistakes. I'll never leave your side.

  5. Anonymous  

    nice apology, but it doesn't fix the fact that both SCEG, and much more importantly, the West Harlem community, were grossly missrepresented.

    fuck around with parties and celebrity gossip, bwog, but not with the people that Columbia is trying to take their homes from.

    • hah  

      how convenient that this can somehow play into your framing of anti-expansionism as sacrosanct. believe it or not, you people hardly have a moral monopoly. bwog was absolutely justified in pointing out your hyperbolic rhetoric yesterday.

  6. bah

    screw the haters. you provoked serious discussion. that's pretty darned good.

  7. right on  

    I agree with #6. Seriously, it isn't as if a "serious" source like the Spec got it all wrong.

    I still love you, Bwog. More drama, please.

  8. bravo  

    for apologizing. contrasts favorably with a discussion I've been having with the Spec recently...

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