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paper towelBwog presents a couple of blind items for campaign season. Any guesses?

WHICH Class Council member, running for re-election, admitted to a Bwog reporter at a mandatory candidates’ rules meeting that she was intoxicated? She spent the meeting text-messaging and gossipping about the uselessness of the meeting – and she seemed none too pleased with the top of her ticket, either.

WHICH Class Council member spent all January telling friends she was running against her President, whom she had run with in the last election? She decided against it, ultimately, preventing a fair deal of drama.

And finally, Seth Berliner sends in this report from his Intro to East Asian Civ: Japan class:

Student: So, are you running for University Senator?

Senator-to-Be: Yeah!

Student: I feel like Student Council never gets anything done.

Senator-to-Be: Paper towels!


Senator-to-Be: Didn’t you see my e-mail?!  I got paper towels installed in eight

frickin’ kitchens!




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  1. confidential?  

    if this is what bwog does with confidential sources, thats pretty shitty

  2. oh bwog  

    bwog, lets stick to the facts and not make things up. we have enough problems and drama on our own.

    • oops  

      #3 you seem to have missed the obvious...bwog adds/leaves out details as they please. so its a gossip blog, so thats fine. now i only get pissed when they try to pass it off as real reporting. and tell people that they are "obliged" to answer their questions.

  3. watcher  

    I'm game. Let's say #1 is Lindsey Lazopolous, #2 is Jessica Becker-Venega, and #3 as Daniel Free.

    Am I close?

  4. ooh  

    lindsey = cutie though. i wont hold intoxication against her. (hmm i see an opening for a lame line about holding her against me or something)

  5. informed poster  

    good guess on the first one, but on 2 & 3 no no no, #5. i'm not sure about #1, but the answer to
    #2 is Molly Conley
    #3 (the informed pick of the day) is Phil Hadley

    When adjusted for the typical columbia curve , i'm sure a solid A- will be coming my way.

  6. Number 1  

    Can't be Lindsey. She isn't a councilmember running for reelection. She wasn't elected to council last year and she is running for Exec Board this year.

  7. witness....  

    Lindsey clearly was not drunk last night

  8. number one  

    only describes one person?

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