paper towelBwog presents a couple of blind items for campaign season. Any guesses?

WHICH Class Council member, running for re-election, admitted to a Bwog reporter at a mandatory candidates’ rules meeting that she was intoxicated? She spent the meeting text-messaging and gossipping about the uselessness of the meeting – and she seemed none too pleased with the top of her ticket, either.

WHICH Class Council member spent all January telling friends she was running against her President, whom she had run with in the last election? She decided against it, ultimately, preventing a fair deal of drama.

And finally, Seth Berliner sends in this report from his Intro to East Asian Civ: Japan class:

Student: So, are you running for University Senator?

Senator-to-Be: Yeah!

Student: I feel like Student Council never gets anything done.

Senator-to-Be: Paper towels!


Senator-to-Be: Didn’t you see my e-mail?!  I got paper towels installed in eight

frickin’ kitchens!