In which Columbia dining connoisseur Dena Yago informs how much soul she got for her swipe at last night’s John Jay dinner:

Kicking off Black History month, John Jay held what is colloquially referred to as “Black Night.” DVD’s and CD’s of Sidney Poitier and Mary J. Blige were tactfully set up over the yams and ribs, but by far, the main centerpiece was the Barack Obama shrine set up over the salad bar.

Biscuits and cornbread were the runaway favorite, perfectly matched to the collared greens and pulled pork. Wilma took real pride in her creation, barbecue sandwiches and some unidentifiable veggie patty with cole slaw. The more adventurous set had fried plantains and baked yams at the vegan bar. Breaking from John Jay tradition, the food had soul. Soul food, perhaps?


The presence of spices and flavor threw a couple visitors for a loop, as did the plethora of flags hanging in the
dining hall. I’m not really sure what countries they were; I’m not really sure if they knew what countries they were.  If I recall, there was an Armenian flag, and that is definitely a white country.  Ultimately, along with the informational brochure provided by the Black Engineering Society of Columbia, the meal lived up to the hype and left me feeling strong, black and proud.