We like blogs. Apparently, other people like them too. In its incessant web surfing, Bwog came across a couple new kids on the block:

kjhEditor Josh
Ever wanted to know what Spec news editors think about constantly, unceasingly, all day every day? One of them has started a blog to give a little more back story behind the headlines, and it’s actually really interesting. And he has the same geeky interest in CCSC that we do, so hurray for trivia.

Hash Browns…and Toast! – We know these kids, and are respecting their wish to remain anonymous. Probably a good thing, because you might look at them oddly if you knew their true identities.

And, coming soon…

The Eye blogs! We’ve been hearing that several of the top editors at The Eye have been given their very own web platforms, which may or may not launch tomorrow. Hope that goes well for them, considering that it’s hard enough to provide content for a weekly magazine that also competes with a daily arts section.

Columbia Political Union blogs – Still in development, but promise to be rollicking good entertainment, since we’ve been told that they’ll include several top campus political leaders (three guesses). Hey, if they can do it, why not Pelosi and Bush?