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Bwog to NYU: IT’S ON

sdfGood weather, apparently, begets genius.  Earlier today, a commenter left the following on the Think Coffee review: “i propose we get a gaggle of cu students together to go down to think on scrabble nights (thursdays??) and kick some nyu ass.” Kick some NYU ass? Something we do both far too much and yet not enough at all.  Within hours, inboxes were filled, IMs were sent: Columbia University would have a Scrabble team, and Bwog would gingerly poke fun. However, a quick phone call to Think laid down the kibosh (15 points)–the Scrabblers had left for Brooklyn, or something.  So Bwog’s competitive spirit changed gears: TRIVIA NIGHT.

Here’s the plan. Bwog wants to start a super-quiz team with the sole purpose of putting Tisch students in their place. We hear The Baggot Inn, one block off Washington Square Park, is the pinnacle of both the NYU and the five boroughs trivia set–but since Bwog knows only what’s on the undersides of Snapple caps, we need some stellar quizzers to out-quiz NYU, and we’ll split the comped bar tab when you win.

Try-outs will be informal – if you’re interested, send your name, phone number, and a good time to chat to  We’ll call sometime soon to ask, “Which New York ‘university’ is about to get their shit handed to them in a Morton-Williams bag?”  Answer correctly and you’re in.  We’ll most likely be training on Wednesday nights at our own La Negrita, then getting some road experience around the city before going for the title on a Tuesday night at Baggot’s.  Or hell, maybe we’ll just rush’em next week and bank on first-timers’ luck.


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  • this idea says:

    @this idea is so gay.

    1. gay? says:

      @gay? if the idea’s gay, it should go over well here. . .

    2. jason says:

      @jason there’s a bunch of new trivia nights at nyc pubs…tuesdays at wicked willies. sundays at coogan’s….check out for more

  • Three words says:

    @Three words DRAFT TAO TAN

  • haha says:

    @haha this is amazing
    go bwog!

  • idiotic says:

    @idiotic bad idea. columbia is assumed to be superior…why jeopardize our reputation? sounds like you just bought NYU’s bait.

    1. well well says:

      @well well If we don’t deserve the title, we deserve to get exposed

    2. yoyo says:

      @yoyo assumed? please.

      1. well says:

        @well by assumed I meant by everyone who didn’t live in williamsburg or get rejected by columbia and forced to settle somewhere nearby…

  • the links says:

    @the links both link to la negrita

  • Whoops says:

    @Whoops Link fixed!

  • great idea says:

    @great idea i approve–and want to be on the team. i’m excited

  • well says:

    @well we’ll certainly be schooled on indie music, but let’s see how fast NYU kids can cook up a lens essay comparing rousseau with mary wollstonecraft.

  • what says:

    @what kind of trivia are we talking

  • I have Faith says:

    @I have Faith I played Trivial Pursuit with some NYU people earlier this year, and a group of 3 of them couldn’t name all 5 boroughs in NYC. I mean, you live here for like 8 months a year!

    1. hmm says:

      @hmm were they stern people? hint: did they say something like “other boroughs? so that’s where the plebs live!”

  • one topic to avoid says:

    @one topic to avoid make sure the trivia categories dont include “columbia unviersity rejection letters”

  • la negrita regular says:

    @la negrita regular thanks for linking to the one remaining place where we could seek refuge from the ‘stend-ish masses. dammit.

  • I wish says:

    @I wish Bwog had an agree/disagree feature like b@b

    1. disagree says:

      @disagree thumbs down

  • NYU says:

    @NYU We WILL FUCKING PWN THE S H I T out of you elitist, Harlem-raping yunnies!!!! DIE AT SCRABBLE

    1. Ok but says:

      @Ok but What’s a yunnie?

      And seriously, purple as your school color?

      1. sse says:

        @sse Don’t by that “Bobcats” shit. They’re still the NYU Violets to me.

  • alex says:

    @alex let’s just hope it doesn’t end up like this:

  • laika. says:

    @laika. i’d so much rather be at nyu than columbia. fortunately, i only have one more semester left up here.

  • says: You could have easily transfered…

  • qwerty says:

    @qwerty Why does bwog want to Destroy Trivia and the washington square arch?

  • I BEET U says:

    @I BEET U Scrabble skills are right heres. I win you fuking COLOMBIA studants


    N Y U

    1. frumph says:

      @frumph um…okay?

      Still want to know what a yunnie is. It’s not in Urban Dictionary or on google. This distresses me.

  • Well... says:

    @Well... We have an actual quiz bowl team, you know.

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