So the Superbowl’s tonight. Whoohoo and etc. One good thing this does mean is that you are at liberty to eat and drink lots of food and beer to quell the nagging feeling that you should be in Butler. May we suggest:

Browsing through the local establishments and ordering online.

Lion’s Head is offering $7 pitchers of beer.

Nacho’s is doing $25 wings-and-Coors Light.

The Heights has 75 wings for $50. (Lame.)

Havana Central has wings-and-pitcher for $15 and a special Super Bowl appetizer menu.

(The other bars wouldn’t answer our call, but when they do, we’ll let you know.)

Finally, everyone’s favorite secretary of state did an interview with ESPN in which she weighs in on the upcoming game. Bizarre.

But not as bizarre as Prince!