1. Horrible  

    Thats the worst art I've ever seen. That kind of stuff belongs in a high-school newspaper but not a fine publication like the BWOG.

  2. illegible  

    and nonsensical.

  3. im sure  

    that it might be great but its hard to read several of the captions
    why not put up a better copy or a "transcript" of the text?

  4. I feel sorry  

    for the dotted line guy

  5. it is  

    certainly better than the one in the spec which just makes the simplest possible bush joke every time, and appears to be unironic about it.

  6. yo

    this has got to be one of the best lecture hops I've seen on this site. Keep this up!

  7. rachel lindsay  

    is fucking awesome. and NO i'm not her best friend.

  8. more

    cartoon lecture hops are needed

  9. squinty  

    Perhaps a better job scanning in the image is merited here? From what I could read, the work looked pretty good.

  10. yes  

    The cartoon is EXCELLENT

  11. Jervy

    it needs to be said so i might as well say it:

    Robert Jervis looks like Gandalf (more in real life than even in that picture), and I also can't imagine why anyone would voluntarily go listen to him when they don't have to for class (or due to the fact that they're being held at gunpoint).

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