Breaking! Article on campus sex publications fails to quote Miriam Datskovsky!

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magazineThe New York Times Magazine
covers sex publications, marking the eighteenth time in as many years Bwog has read about H-Bomb; interestingly, the aforementioned Harvard publication was granted college funding, unlike, say, Columbia’s Outlet.

No mention of sex pieces in non-sexual college publications? Following in the footsteps of our favorite “explicitly, absolutely, without a doubt straight woman,” today’s Spec sex column, “Embracing Your Inner Slut,” begins, “A few weeks ago I arrived home to find one of my roommates involved in an orgy.”

And that’s all the news that’s not fit for print.

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  1. Alright  

    1. It is ridiculous for a guy to call himself a slut (apropos the spectator article).

    2. It is ridiculous for someone to call themself a slut when they are redefining the term for their own purposes.

    3. The fact that this guy claims to have led an epicurean lifestyle makes me want to punch him in the face, although I'm sure that would qualify as a hate crime.

  2. stop it  

    you guys are obsessed with miriam. STOP. IT IS OVER.

  3. alright..  

    Yes Bwog needs to get over Miriam. But why is it weird for a guy to call himself a slut? Isn't it kind of a stupid double standard that when girls have lots of sex they are "sluts" and when guys do it they are "players"? I know plenty of man-whores.

  4. Man

    I thought that column was terrible. Aside from the total rejection of even the basic idea of a relationship (which I'm okay with, I mean, do whatever you want), what the hell was that supposed to be?

    Man, I dunno... I can't even fully describe why I'm angry, but that was so irritating to read. Maybe it's because he said "cha-cha."

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