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  • The Times is a bit behind the times, but hey, at least it proves we’re not the only disappointed ones

  • That’s ok though, because PrezBo just became a board member of the Times’ main rival, joining such blue-chip luminaries as Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett (this coming after being appointed to the board of the New York Federal Reserve). Although we shouldn’t count on the Post going to bat for Mathew Fox either.

  • kjhnGot plans for Passover? No? Now you do. I mean, how are you going to turn down a seder with people who make rockabilly trailers for the high holidays? Spot the rabbi!

  • And finally, a cry of help, sent by one Joseph Kaptur at 1:50 AM this morning:

    12th Floor Schapiro.

    Urinal water everywhere.

    Short circuit fire alarm.

    11th Floor Schapiro.


    Tears of God rain down.

    13th Floor Schapiro

    All Clear.

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  1. huh?  

    so is the times chastising both the students who invited fox and those planning to "protest" him?

  2. a fan

    I love Prez Bo.

    and I feel bad for that guy with urinal water on his bed.

  3. Joseph Kaptur  

    I felt bad for the guy too, which is why I posted this. I'm on the 13th floor, and just fine.

  4. wirc  

    that flood was pretty crazy, and it short-circuited a fire alarm, and FDNY had to break a door to get in.

    it also took maintenance over an hour to get it under control. ridiculous.

  5. All of a sudden

    Wien doesn't seem like a (literal) shithole, does it?

  6. Tell me  

    Was I dreaming this morning or were there three short fire alarms as well sometime before noon?

  7. wow  

    slow day at the times...

  8. mlp  

    Did someone at The Times forget to edit that piece? It makes NO sense! "It would be easier to scold the students for not taking the occasion seriously enough if everyone else were not just as susceptible to the allure of star power." Um, what? I think the fact that there was outcry about Fox proves that students ARE taking the event seriously.

  9. fuck

    jesus fucking christ, is bwog going to unload a torrent of piss into their drawers every time there's an article published on matthew fucking fox now? shut up about it. no one cares.

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