The Defenestration(s) of Morningside

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defenestrateBwog editor Chris Szabla writes in: “Did security invade anyone else’s EC room in the early [Saturday] morning hours to inspect something down on Morningside Drive?…” Chris first heard the security officers discussing what sounded like the source of some projectiles (“10-4, it’s the fourth window up, seventh one over”) before hearing a knock on his door (“Sir, we need to use your window to ascertain something.”) Other Bwog affiliates noticed an unusually large number of cans and broken bottles on Morningside Saturday night.

Speaking of projectiles, students recently commited another act of defenestration. LLC chief Scott Helfrich writes:

“This past weekend, students in either Wallach or John Jay Halls threw glass bottles out of their windows. These glass bottles landed onto the lower roofs outside of Wallach and John Jay. Pieces of the broken glass came into open windows in Wallach. Fortunately, no one was hurt. If you have any information, or in the future see anyone throwing things out of his or her windows, please make note of the room’s window location and call Public Safety – 212-854-5555.”

Remember, y’all – heads up.

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  1. hmmm  

    that is actually quite scary.

    i hope they find the person who did it and suspend them. people need to know just how serious this is.

  2. Seriously  

    Fuck those bottle throwers. Not only does it cause some seriously unneeded prejudice against undergrads from the neighboring community, and not only could they have killed or injured someone, but they were throwing shit at other people's cars. That type of shit is the worst because the damage is usually less than the deductible but still hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

  3. Community Member  

    To hell with the undergrads! Down with Columbia! Vive la revolution!

  4. hmmm....  

    Isn't the presidential residence on Morningside Drive, right next to East Campus?

    • It's behind

      Wien. Just to rub it into the wretches who're forced to live in it. There's 20 million dollars to fix his pad, but there isnt 12 million to gut renovate the WORST dormitory on campus? fuck you cu.

      Pissing on bollingers lawn from the 12th story should be a senior farewell ritual.

  5. i saw  

    them go into another suite without knocking. now knowing the cause i feel much better. throwing heavy stuff out the windows is a really really bad thing, and killing someone is a real possibility.

  6. EAL  

    Scary stuff, the Thirty Years' War was. Protestants throwing Catholics out of windows in Prague was never a good sign.

  7. defenestration

    is a fantastic word in the english language.

  8. The Winter King  


  9. Summer Queen  

    Spec reported the outcome of the Diamond controversy thirty minutes ago. Bwog's usually quicker than this...after announcing the allegations, you should at least throw the link up now that CCSC has decided not to punish her.
    Oh looky here!

  10. hmmm  

    "During President George Rupp's tenure, it was decided that the President's House needed repairs and renovation due to faulty electricity systems. $2 million was budgeted initially. The final cost of renovating the structure, completed three years after Lee Bollinger began his administration, exceeded $20 million.

    Following renovation, the President's house now features a dedicated Gigabit network connection, the use of which is unknown."

  11. Flor

    Actually, the problem may have been related to recent reports of gang and group teenage activity on the corners of 118th-121st streets on Amsterdam and Morningside Avenues. Last week, a group of local teenagers got into a fight with chains and bottles, and two cops and three kids had to be taken to the hospital in some 4am chaos. Blood was reported to have been found on the snow, and cleaned away before further away residents found out. As always, Columbia likes to cover up its little NYPD activity near campus, but if you check the local police blotters, a lot of bottle and broken things have been found on Amsterdam Ave/Morningside Ave in front of the East Campus complex that are not the responsibility of that building's residents.

  12. Jonny Fairplay

    This is the lowest of the low. I was nearly killed by a beer bottle thrown off the Carman roof last year. If I caught anyone pulling that shit I would personally rip their head off and shit down the stump.

  13. Julia

    A few years ago a mirror fell from a high window on the 114th Street side of John Jay and landed about three feet in front of me. Now that would have been bad...

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