defenestrateBwog editor Chris Szabla writes in: “Did security invade anyone else’s EC room in the early [Saturday] morning hours to inspect something down on Morningside Drive?…” Chris first heard the security officers discussing what sounded like the source of some projectiles (“10-4, it’s the fourth window up, seventh one over”) before hearing a knock on his door (“Sir, we need to use your window to ascertain something.”) Other Bwog affiliates noticed an unusually large number of cans and broken bottles on Morningside Saturday night.

Speaking of projectiles, students recently commited another act of defenestration. LLC chief Scott Helfrich writes:

“This past weekend, students in either Wallach or John Jay Halls threw glass bottles out of their windows. These glass bottles landed onto the lower roofs outside of Wallach and John Jay. Pieces of the broken glass came into open windows in Wallach. Fortunately, no one was hurt. If you have any information, or in the future see anyone throwing things out of his or her windows, please make note of the room’s window location and call Public Safety – 212-854-5555.”

Remember, y’all – heads up.