“Columbians” miscredited, discredited, and, well, just plain credited, worldwide:

  • Spike Lee has certainly stalked our campus before. First, it was to use Hamilton Hall in a scene of Malcom X (to serve as Harvard, of all places). Later, Bwog discovered he was ducking into the same building for evening Lit Hum sessions. Now, a Chicago TV station claims the director is teaching here. A gross exaggeration – or will some classes at Alma Mater soon carry the tagline “a Spike Lee Joint”?

  • Danisa Baloyi, Columbia alum and 2003 South African Businesswoman of the Year, has some explaining to do. She was fired from one major bank and resigned from the boards of several others after allegations she was linked to theft and fraud. Disgracing the Columbia degree? Well, not entirely. In the course of an investigating her activities, news services discovered she had definitely lied about one thing: although she had indeed earned two other degrees here, the university had no record of her completing an Ed. D. (doctorate), as “Doctor” Danisa had long claimed.

  • There is news to celebrate among real alums, however. Both of the senior trade represenatives involved in negotiations between the US and South Korea are Columbia graduates. Hey, that factoid is headline news over there.