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trachtenbergThe GW Hatchet, George Washington University’s student newspaper, is reporting that GW President (and ’59 Columbia grad, pictured) Stephen Joel Trachtenberg will receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at Commencement. The list of recipients also includes Aharon Barak, former Israeli Supreme Court President, and CNN correspondent Suzanne Malveaux.

UPDATE: According to the official list, SEAS Class Day speaker Santiago Calatrava will be sticking around for an honorary degree at comencement as well. Matthew Fox…not so much.

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  1. now  

    OK, if anyone is going to protest any of these people, I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO KILL YOU.



    • not funny

      BWOG take that down -- not funny at all

      • i'm sorry

        but somehow I don't find that offensive? why is saying "I'm going to kill you!" only deletion worthy shortly after people die? How come you weren't responding to similar comments in a similar manner 3 weeks ago?

        • seriously not funny  

          i'm not seeing any overt "i'm gonna kill you" three weeks ago or anytime

          if i did, it still wouldn't be funny

          it deletion-worthy anytime, f-wad

          and ESPECIALLY after some other f-wad shoots up a school

          jeez, pull your head out

          • mentally  

            yes, fine if it had been left up as a possibly serious threat, it would have been cause for alarm, but it's clearly a joke. He says that he's going to kill us *mentally*. I sort of feel like most of us would survive that.

            Leave it up bwog! The people must see!

  2. ...

    Suzanne Malveaux already has a degree from Columbia, and it's not honorary.

  3. GW students  

    hate Trachtenberg with a fiery passion. He is stepping down this year, and instead of inviting a real commencement speaker, he decided to give the commencement address himself (which is not traditional, unlike at Columbia). Students were outraged at the announcement and myriad facebook groups were formed in protest.

  4. Sprinkles  

    Aharon Barak was smuggled out of Lithuania in a suitcase!


  5. seriously  

    Bwog, if you don't take that down, what the hell are you taking down? Seriously: What. Are. You. Banning?
    It's a simple damn question, don't go all Columbia-Administration on us with the answer.

  6. yeah  

    People are dying in Iraq!

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  8. 09 F9  

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  9. dude  

    it says "(Mentally.)" How is that ban worthy?

    i tend to be in favor of bwog deleting twice as many comments as it does (this isn't B-at-B; take your "i'd do her" elsewhere), but i fail to see what's objectionable about that one

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