1. wow  

    best miriam column ever.

  2. Anonymous

    what's the w/ rise in recent Yakof Smirnof references?

  3. watcher  

    I'm amazed Bwog doesn't have something snarky to say about 88 things for Columbia to fix.

  4. soviet  

    the soviet joke has been repeated four times now. getting old.

  5. also a big deal  

    the men's 4x800 track relay team winning penn relays...that's pretty much equivalent to winning NCAAs. which is kind of cooler than just going to NCAAs. btw.

  6. also  

    we had ncaa national champions in a certain sport a couple years ago, but no one said anything. actually, i don't think i've seen the spec mention the team at all in the three years i've been here.

  7. yeah

    really enjoyed miriam's ivy-lust.

  8. ...  

    if you build it, they will come.
    by which i mean, if you tell spec about the sport you are referring to, reporters will do their best to come. as of now they know the most about football et al because the athletic dpt. makes it their priority to inform spec bout it. maybe the athletic dpt. should also make other sports a priority?
    i'm not affiliated with spec sports so this is just speculation, but maybe i'm on the mark here.

  9. ath dept site  

    If the assumption is that archery and/or other sports are not given their due on campus - that's a spec thing. Much more reporting on the ath.dept.site than spec.

  10. Towelie  

    No, you're a towel.

  11. Well  

    Let's be honestÑand this isn't a dig against anyone on the team, who do their thing and do it wellÑbut how many people are likely to read an article about CU archery? We have enough trouble maintaining interest around here in the mainstream sports, so I don't see much of a motivation for Spec to cover the hell out of the obscure sports. And aren't they pretty much the same as every other major paper in the country?

  12. congrats spec

    For mispelling Wien (IT'S WIEN NOT WEIN GODDAMNIT) in your staff column.

    Someone who knows how to spell campus building names after 4 years

  13. Sports Coverage

    Bwog, how about a Sports recap post? List the multiple Ivy and NCAA titles this year etc.

  14. really though

    that list is kinda stupid. some of it is calling for things that will happen when they happen "complete the top floor of the law school and remove the scaffolding." others are vague and cliched. thanks spec!

  15. sad  

    i never had a chance to sleep with miriam :(

  16. happy  

    that I got many chances to sleep with miriam in my big mcbain bed when she didn't feel like walking back to barnard last year.

    love to the townhouse,

  17. argh

    "8. Provide consistent wireless coverage across campus, especially in dorms."

    I think people forget how hard it is to provide wireless in a giant building. There are a lot of walls and each wall degrades the signal. If you want wireless...wireless ap's are cheap and you can buy one yourself. Just use WPA and you're secured.

  18. iggy's  

    senior column is the bestest.

  19. ...  

    Miriam keeps it real... real slutty. :)

  20. Hmm...  

    That may be true, but plenty of other colleges and universities with less money than us and old-as-sin buildings have figured out the wireless question. Columbia just seems really uninterested in addressing the problem.

    • dartmouth

      has full campus wide wireless. they also replaced their landline phones with ip phones student can use from their computers (which are connected wirelessly...)

      According to a TTan article, CUIT charges thousands of dollars to install each wireless AP. It's ridiculous but believable. Columbia's indpendent divisions make eachother pay prices that would make the pentagon's spending habits look downright miserly...

  21. Is Money an Object?  

    To those who wrote the list of suggestions for CU, apparently not.

    My personal favorite:
    "15. Improve the drainage on campus."

    Any civil engineer will tell you this will cost literally millions. This is college, not day-care. CU doesn't give you wireless everywhere, get over it.

  22. i think  

    the staff edit just added the easy ones too--but there were some great ideas therein too.

  23. ugh  

    miriam's column was so awful.

  24. pffffft  

    As has been said, some of those suggestions are ridiculous:

    "2. Put vending machines in Butler."

    Butler is not a cafeteria. If you want to eat, get up and leave for a few minutes. Vending machines will lead to people sneaking food into stacks, which will lead to vermin, which will lead to destroyed books. You can leave Butler for five minutes to eat - the world will not implode.

    "6. Install motion-sensitive sinks in all public bathrooms."

    I have honest-to-Cthulhu OCD, and even I think this is frivolous.

    "13. Allow students to bring water into all libraries."

    Water spills + old books = damage that turns books into bricks and/or permanently destroys them.

    "68. Move Counseling and Psychological Services to a more accessible location."

    ...Where? Not only is CPS already in Lerner, but they have satellite offices in multiple dorms.

    Besides, if Columbia were to do all these things - many of which are not that important, like a soy milk dispenser instead of cartons, or more dorm gyms - students would bitch about paying for them, about being inconvenienced about construction, about how they're a waste because no one uses them, etc...

  25. Anonymous  

    good god, the girl can't even be troubled to write a decent final column. At least she justifies her miserable excuse for writing by admitting that she was incapable of being admitted to an ivy...gee, i go to barnard, why should i be able to write a paragraph that doesn't contain parallel structure?

  26. The jock trolls

    The jock trolls are worse than the FUCKING racists

  27. Ugh  

    This may be the last one, but good riddance. I will graduate from Barnard and somehow in four years I have yet to define myself through my relationships with men, to not spew disgust at my alma mater while accepting awards from it, and, somehow, am able to put together a sentence. I really am disgusted with her piece every week, but this extended yearbook entry takes the cake. You guys can have her.

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