Early this morning, a gunman at Virginia Tech went on the deadliest gun rampage in U.S. history. The Washington Post is reporting 33 killings and more than 30 additional injuries as of 6pm. The Posts extensive coverage can be read here. Jamal Albarghouti, a student, caught the gunman on his cell phone’s videocamera and the recording is here.   Initial eye reports are saying that the shooter was probably familiar with the dormitory and other building in which he shot, as he moved very quickly throughout. President Bush will speak about the incident at 4:15pm.

A Columbia Journalism School student was raped and tortured at her apartment in Hamilton Heights on Friday night. Police are still looking for the assailant. President Bollinger has sent out an e-mail to the entire Columbia community in regards to the crime, and it can be read after the jump. The Daily News coverage (more graphic) can be found here


Dear members of the Columbia community,

I am very sorry to report that over the weekend a graduate student

in the Graduate School of Journalism was assaulted in her

off-campus apartment in Hamilton Heights. She is in a hospital, and

her family is with her. The police are searching for the assailant.

At this time, both out of respect for the privacy of the student and

her family and out of the need to assist the police investigation

actively underway, we cannot say more. I have, on behalf of the

entire University community, expressed to the family our deepest

concern and our wish to assist them in any way we can.

I know this horrible crime will be upsetting and troubling to all

members of the University but especially to our students and their

families. If anyone–students, staff, or faculty–feels the need

for assistance of any kind, we have a range of resources available,

including counseling and psychological services. Personnel are

available by appointment at (212) 854-2878 or walk-in on the 8th

Floor of Lerner Hall. They can be reached for emergencies by

calling (212) 415-0120.

I will continue to express our unconditional support to the student

and her family.

Lee C. Bollinger