Two months after hundreds of kids set out for their one crack at stealth warfare, one team has emerged alive: C-Unit, composed of MCPants (Max Czapanskiy, SEAS ’09, also with the most kills), Der Meister aus Deutchland (Luis Quinteros, SEAS ‘09), Doublestuf (Oriana Isaacson, C ’09), and PollockandLoad (Alex Rudnicki, SEAS ’10, who, for the record was supposed to be PolackandLoad). The two fencers, Czapanskiy and Rudnicki, had a legacy to live up to. Flush with victory, they and Quinteros sat down to relive the war.

jgjBwog: What have the last 55 days been like, and how do you feel with it having ended?

AR: Stress. It was just stressful.

MC: He just moved into our suite after a certain period of time.

LQ: He’s just been living there and sleeping in Max’s bed. Showering there, everything.

AR: I did lead a normal life. I went out every weekend, pretty much, but it was just heightened paranoia.

MC: The worst thing was someone was out running, and you could hear them behind you. You would just freak out and slam your back up against a wall.

So you [Quinteros] got killed earlier, right?

LQ: I was the second one dead.

MC: Luis really came through for us. That one weekend. Everyone on disavowed, right?

LQ: My whole team was gone, for two days, it was just me.

MC: Because we had a fencing tournament then. Ivies, right?

LQ: The night they got back, I happened to run into Rob Trump on my way home, through the falling snow. I immediately recognized him, I knew he was on the disavowed list, so I just walked up behind him coolly and shot him.

You are a snow killer, aren’t you?

MC: Yeah, he got you [Bwog] ten minutes later…that morning, he got two more kills, four kills in 14 hours, and that kept us off the disavowed list.

Was there a gradual ramp up in tension as the numbers dropped?

AR: Yeah, I think so. When it got down to the top third, it felt like the game was ending. Everybody was after you. When the game got down to the top ten, even though there were less people, it felt like someone was going to be around the next corner.

MC: Well the good thing was, for almost the entire game up till spring break, we knew the team that was after us, and we were off disavowed. So there were only three people in the entire game who could kill us, so we felt fine. When it came down o the final five, Rudnicki was the only one to get a kill. The other three were killed by cops.

So there was no really triumphal kill?

AR: No, unfortunately. However, that night was going to stake out his room the next day, I was just going to end it, the entire day, I was gonna wait with a bucket of water.

What are some of the craziest things you’ve done for this game?

AR: I died my hair a lot darker. It’s usually blond.

How much did you mine other people for information to strategize?

ALL: A lot.

AR: We made a list with pictures, names, dorm rooms. We tried what classes they had, we tried to find who their friends were. We pretty much went all out.

How much time has this taken up?

MC: My grades have gone down.

AR: I had cops in my math and physics classes, so I didn’t really go to them.

What are the keys to your success? Why did you succeed, when so many others had failed?

AR: No mistakes.

MC: I made a mistake when I died. That was embarrassing.

How did you guys die?

MC: His [Luis’] was total BS. He shot a girl, she claimed to be someone else, and then later on shot him.

LQ: I have to admit, it was partially my own fault. I was walking to class, I was kind of tired, so I wasn’t paying much attention, so I heard her running behind me, and I just turned around casually, I wasn’t too paranoid, and she got me.

MC: He was physically ill for two days. He could not get out of bed, like we had to bring him food. He was a fucking mess, I think he had a fever.

LQ: That’s post-traumatic stress, that’s what that is.

MC: I died ‘cause I got greedy. I had a really bad sinus infection, so I wasn’t paying attention. When we were down to about 12 or so, early in the morning, I found out where one of our targets’ CC class is, so we got him coming out of his CC class. Later on in the day, one of my teammates on the fencing team, he was actually on the phone with Morgan trying to figure out where I was trying to kill me. And I followed him out of class and shot him. And I was going for my third kill of the same day, and the guy saw me, so I was like, I should back off, but I didn’t, and I went after him anyway, and he managed to get behind me and shot me. I got greedy, and he just played smart. But he’s not invited to the [victory] party.

AR: Because I shot him on the same day that he killed him, and he tried to wheedle his way out of it, he was like come on, you don’t have to do this.

Oh man, don’t degrade yourself like that.

AR: I didn’t, I told him, this is a business.

…more talking about kills…

AR: When it got down to me vs. the other guy, everyone started looking like the other guy.

MC: We were walking around yelling “Dennis!” to see if anyone would turn around.

AR: That was when I got stressed out.

MC: The best kill, was that last day before spring break, when we were walking around, and we thought we recognized someone from the disavowed list. We let him get about 20 feet ahead of us, this is right outside Journalism, we yelled out “Steve Quan!” So we chased him to Pupin and shot him in the stairwell. We were coming out of Pupin, and earlier in the day he’d killed Andrew Jackson who was our target, and Andrew Jackson was coming back with George Bush, our other target…

Wait, you had two presidential targets?

MC: yeah, it was Andrew Jackson, George Bush, but the other two were already dead, there were Sam Adams and another president.

Oh oh, not their real names.

MC: Yeah. So we were coming out of Pupin, and we split up, and they didn’t know who I was yet, they only knew who Rudnicki was. So Rudnicki goes on one side of them, and Andrew Jackson was like, that’s the guy who killed me, while they’re both looking at Rudnicki, I walked this far away from them [placing his hands a foot away from each other] and shot them in the back.

So there were set-ups, but not elaborate ploys and ruses.

MC: Not really. We had set-ups, but they never came to fruition. They had always already died. Basically that’s how we got so many kills, we were just outside all the time, and we had the printout of the disavowed list, so if we saw anyone from the disavowed list, we knew.  

AR: And we always walked around together.

Where did the name C-Unit come from?

MC: It’s from a fencing team cheer. We have a team cheer called Breakdown. At the very end of it, we go, “C-C-C-C-Unit.”  And we couldn’t think of anything else.

That’s cute. Anything else?

AR: I’m not playing next year. It’s just way too stressful.

– Lydia DePillis