chairsLast night, tipster Ryan Withall recommended checking out 317 Hamilton, where, he wrote, students had gone a bit crazy on the blackboard during what must have been an intense study session.

Curious, Bwog took a break from work and headed over, to find a creepy crop circle of chairs, arranged in the shape of a heart. On the board, someone had scrawled some puzzling aphorisms:

“Taste love right now because
10forever eats at the Olive Garden”

“Bravery thinks for no one, love the face you share with friends”

“Treat yourself, you never know when the ones you love will move to the center of the solar system”

“The Bouncing Baby drowns my sorrow”

“Safety approaches those who full heartedly bathe in sweet cookie batter, for thine is the Sophomoric help”

Also, Bwog heard that some charitable sophomores were wandering through Butler several hours ago, getting rid of their stash of 500 condoms by strewing them across desks ringed by toiling students, as if to say, study break!