2017 is still a long way off, right?

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hjjjThirty percent in ten years: nice round numbers. That’s the amount by which Columbia and seven other colleges pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions today under Mayor Bloomberg’s glitzy PlaNYC program for greening the Big Apple. The announcement came with some high praise from President Bollinger: “No idea is bigger or more important to our collective future than Mayor Bloomberg’s determination that New York be a leader in responding to the challenges of climate change,” he said in the press release.

This stuff is complicated, but in simple terms, that’s a bigger commitment than any of the major presidential candidates (and most of the minor ones) have made for that timeframe. Bwog’s question: do we even know how much carbon Columbia emits now?

We’ll get back to you on that.

Meanwhile, Public Affairs also used the release to highlight some nifty things that Columbia’s climateers and recyclemaniacs have been up to this year (did you know we actually won something?). Check Nilda‘s site for more info.


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  1. bzz

    Kevin Ho (CC'06, SEAS '07, and Business either '08 or '09) gives a figure of 32,000 MTCE (metric tons of carbon equivalent).
    He claims CU actually technically has a negative carbon footprint due to donated carbon credits.

  2. not quite  

    only the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory won... not the entire campus.

  3. gogo

    dear eco-lover:

    fuck you. i hate you. i hope you die. every time you do something "for the environment", i make sure to pollute it even more. ha ha! fuck the environment! fuck you!

  4. Elna  

    I love Bloomberg! Bwog, write in detail something about his pilot program to charge all drivers wanting to take their cars below 86th an $8 toll! It's exciting!

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