Because of all the deaths and illnesses attributable to our library’s rat-infested coffee shop, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (Division of Environmental Health) has seen fit to the uphold the public good and shut down the Butler denizen’s only source of sustenance, Blue Java.

Of course Blue Java hasn’t killed anybody and isn’t infested by rats. Or is it? This notice from the NYCDoHaMH (DoEH), apparently posted at around 11 AM this morning, leaves much to the imagination. But given the recent spate of arbitrary restaurant closings, it’s likely that Blue’s violations were pretty mild.

To confirm this, Bwog called the Health Department’s media desk, where we were brusquely informed that inquiries “take a long while” to process, and we were referred to an e-mail address where we could make a formal request for information (, for the interested). Since we’re not down with bureaucratic red tape, Bwog dialed the media desk again. Much to our relief we were answered by a different receptionist, who said she would try to get to the bottom of the Blue Java mystery by the end of business hours today.

She also told us about the Health Department’s nifty search engine feature. It seems that Blue Java has an impeccable inspection record, although Bwog is outraged that a dry establishment would so flagrantly endanger public health by not adequately warning customers about the dangers of “Alcohol and Pregnancy.”

UPDATE, 10:21 AM EST, 6/20:  There is now a sign right beneath the Health Department notice stating that the Department has required Blue Java to have a two-welled sink, and that the coffee shop will be closed until it complies. Could this be an all-too-transparent cover-up by library management? Doubtful, but for the suspicious: Bwog has been informed that Health Department violations usually hit the public domain after about a week, so if you’re still interested check back next Wednesday.