Campus, groggy, starts waking up

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Ready or not, 2011 arrives on campus THIS MONDAY. An anonymous photobwogger chronicles the fits and starts of Columbia before the Deluge. 

COOP and CUE take off Thursday morning, and were recently spotted doing COOP and CUE things on the lawns, which involve shouting “ROAR!” in an ephemeral expression of spirit.

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  1. they

    were singing "roar, lion, roar." it was incredibly campy and kinda cute.

  2. CUE  

    Has been here for a while, and was not singing on the lawn tonight. I think that was just COOPers.

  3. is college walk

    you know...not dug up? anyone have intel on this?

    • c09  

      it appears to be about done, but the fences are still up. i think all of the walkway is done--they're still working on the boulevards. they planted a whole row of new trees near the entrances! i'd give it a day or two before it's business as usual. and i'm pretty cynical about this sort of thing, but i do think the new college walk will flood less and generally be more pleasant.

  4. fact

    CUE > COOP

    just sayin'

  5. elna

    college walk is all paved and stamped, and ready to go. they just have to take down some of the fences, and re-sod the grass. Also, replace some of the bricks that were destroyed. They also ut up planters with threes and little flowers...i think they only leave them out for the orientation week though.

  6. what did #6 say


  7. nothing

    worth being written down.

  8. hooray

    my heels will get stuck in college walk a little less now.

  9. tradition

    Does anyone know if CUE was able to water balloon COOP this year? I heard that the administration was banning it. It's a shame, because I thought that was a really cool tradition, even if it did suck for COOP kids...

  10. commenter #6

    used graphic language to describe precisely what types of sexual relationships (s)he intended to begin with the incoming first years.

  11. did...

    he threaten to put his willy wonka in their Hooahs? Surely he didn't suggest inserting his three musketeers 'twixt their barely-18-year-old reese's cups!

  12. obviously  

    prison = HOTTER

    • and logically

      being in prison while barely 18 years old = HOTTEST
      right? that's what my cellmate told me anyway before he showed me this cool dance move all the guys do in the prison showers...i think was called "the soap drop" or something. who knows, but man were those nice guys!

  13. :-)

    oh, columbia. fall '07 needs to start. i've missed our collective lameness. and horniness.

    and 2011 can come too, as long as they calm down a little bit. hm. maybe water balloons aren't a bad idea. nothing says, "okay, maybe i should chill out a little" like a sopping wet columbia sweatshirt straight from the bookstore.

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